Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Up till now everything I have posted on my blog have been designs I have made myself.
But today I would like to share something really special, every year I make one or two of this big guy (with the designers permission) to sell.  He is one of my favourite things to make but there is a lot of work in him so he is a little pricey.  He takes over two metre of fabric, full ball of wool, full bag of toy filling but every time I start to make one it's like greeting an old friend.  Mine comes out every Christmas and has pride of place near the front door and every body loves him.  I weight him so he sits anywhere but again to post him would be $18.00 - $25.00 because he weighs 2.5 kilo not even in a box, (but I am happy to get you a quote)  So I have one for sale and if you would like something really special he may be for you.  He is being packed in the car tomorrow to go to the quilt show at Phillip Island (Sat 2nd Nov - Monday 5th Nov) so if you are interested or would like more info please let me know.  So without further ado ...



This big guy when seated is approximately 17inchs high and his legs are approximately 14inchs long.  His coat, hands and hat are flannel fabric and his trim, pants and legs are 100% cotton.  His beard is wool and he has a rusty bell on the end of his hat and a rusty bell and star on the top of his hat.  Since taking the photos he know has raffia and bells around the tops of his shoes!!

The Big Boy - $150.00

Ho Ho Ho


Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Now there are two words that get me sitting up like a Meerkat!!
PHILLIP ISLAND PATCHWORKERS are a wonderful group of ladies and every Melbourne Cup weekend they hold a 4 day quilt show and money raised on the day is at Christmas time donated to local community groups so they do a fabulous job.  The show is held at the Newhaven Hall from 10am Saturday 2nd November to 5th November, they have great Devonshire tea and they always have a trading table full of wonderful goods that you can purchase. 
I will have a number of my goods on the trading table for sale this year so if you will be anywhere near the Island this Cup Weekend why not pop along and have a look - you might find yourself a little treasure.
So today I would like to share....

This gorgeous bell pull measures approximately 24inchs long.  It is made with a combination of wool felt and cotton fabric and has a large bell on the end.  I only have one of these so let me know if you are interested.
Well best I go and get moving I can hear the weeding calling me again.
Kindest Thoughts

Sunday, 27 October 2013


Well I have PLENTY of those at the moment, all shapes and sizes.  My gran baby loves them and gets very excited when they sit at or run past the windows.  I just want them to stay out of the garden and leave my plants alone.  They are not at cute as....


Good morning.....
I only have one of this style with the bag.
Bunny in a bag - $30.00

These ones are a little shy....

Dark Brown Bunny
I have one of these but she has no bag - Dark Brown Bunny - $25.00.
I have one of these but she has no bag - Light Brown Bunny - $25.00.
I have one of these but she has no bag - Lop Ear Bunny - $25.00.
I hope you like my bunnies if you think one needs to live with you let me know.
Have a wonderful Sunday.



Saturday, 26 October 2013


Well today I would wish for someone to come and help me finish the weeding in the garden!!
Luckily it has started raining so I've come in to do a little more show and tell.

Today I have a little star of my own to share (I wonder if he can pull weeds?)...

 Different reds
Hang them from a tree or a garland or a cupboard...
A great Kris Kringle present so email me if you think you would like one for yourself or a friend.
Hanging Star Santa - $12.50 each.
Well it has stopped raining so back to the weeding I go..............
Happy Thoughts

Friday, 25 October 2013


Good Morning!!
Everyone needs a buddy.
Who says threes a crowd.  These deer are weighted to sit on their own, they are made from drill fabric.  They sit approximately 7" tall in the body and then their legs dangle.  All of them have different faces.  Reindeers - $15.00 each.  If you would like one let me know.

Kindest Thoughts

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Comes a time in every child's life when you have to leave home.  So Santa and Snowy have been given the opportunity to go and live at a new home.  They jumped at the chance to get away from the cold and rain but were a little sad to be leaving their friends behind.  They wrapped up warm for the journey.
Packed everything they needed for the trip is one suitcase.
And then Mosey waved goodbye.  He was sad to see them go and needed a hug and a tissue.
Safe travel boys don't forget to write............
Today I would like to share one of my favourite items I have sewn this year.
 He is weighted to stand on his own and measures approximately 15" tall.  He comes in red..
And Green....
I am very fond of the green one with the red dots.
Roly Poly Santa - $35.00 each.
Sorry it's such a long post I think I got a little carried away.  Have a wonderful day.
Kind Thoughts

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I wanted to start the day with a thought and a prayer for the people of NSW who are battling bushfires.  I wish I could send you some of this rain that has been hammering us all through the night.
I hope some good news comes your way.
We have had the worst storm overnight thunder, lightning and rain that just won't seem to stop.  My poor little dog who is scared of everything has spent a lot of time hiding under the bed!  So I checked on my boys in the sewing room and even some of those want to go and live somewhere else so today we have...................

This little man is weighted to sit on his own and is approximately 6" tall.  Each one is different.
Bag baby Santa - $16.50 each.
I have a few of these different materials and scarves but all cute as can be.  Weighted like Santa and approximately 6 1/2" tall.
Bag Baby Reindeer - $16.50 each.
My favourite is two buddies hanging out together.. 
Well I am off to pack my very first order (how exciting is that).
Take care today and kindest thoughts

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


How cute is that.  My beautiful 2 1/2 year old gran baby was here asking me what I was doing on the computer.  I'm blogging, I'm a blogger now I told her.  She jumps off the chair and says very proudly - My Granny is a blocker!!
I am grateful for all your kind comments and feel very special becoming a member of blogland.  
So today I would like to share a couple more of my goodies with you.  Yesterday I showed you the Santa ornament and today I would like to show you his buddy...........
These ornaments are approximately 4inchs tall, everyone is different.  Some have plain red noses, some red glitter noses, different bells, the antlers are real twigs and I like to think cute. 
They are $12.00 each.
And this is what it looks like with a few on a tree.
But they look best if the are hanging out with the Santa ornaments that I posted yesterday.
This cute little Santa tree is on a cinnamon stick and has a very cute face plus they smell really nice.  This one is dark green..

This one is made from flannel fabric.....

And they look very cute sitting in a jug or cup just perfect for decorating your house at Christmas time.
They are $15.00 each.
Well that's all for today.
Kindest Thoughts

Monday, 21 October 2013


Thank you to everyone who sent me a comment or took the time to view my page I cannot tell you what a thrill it was this morning when I turned my phone on and it started sending me your thoughts.  And to my beautiful friend Peg what a gift you have been - thank you.
(I would send you a link to the beautiful Peg but I haven't had that lesson yet!!)
How lucky I am to have such a wonderful very very patient daughter who is still answering her phone, but she has only a few weeks to go until her baby arrives so if she goes early I could be in trouble and my grandbaby who is 2 1/2 was running round the house this morning yelling gramma has a block - hope this doesn't mean gramma is a block head......
So what will I share today, the boys (Santa and the gang) are in the background yelling "pick me", "no pick me" - I think it will be................
 These are cute little Santa ornaments.  The measure about 6" from top to bottom.  Each one is a little different.  They are $12.00 each.  We have red....
and blue......

and they look very cute when you put some together on a tree.  They make a great small gift for a friend or a teacher.  So let me know if you think you would like some to put on your tree, he does have a Reindeer buddy and at the moment his is getting ready for his turn tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day and huge thank you to everyone - you have made my day.
Kindest Thoughts

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Welcome to Christmas Creations by Keryn and thank you for dropping by.
I am new to blogging this is my very first time and with a great deal of help from my beautiful patient daughter and encouragement from my wonderful Santa Sack swap partner (how lucky I was to get her) I have decided to have a go so please be patient as technology and I usually don't play well together. 
I have a love of sewing that spans over 2 decades and the thing I love to sew most of all is "CHRISTMAS!!"
I love to create and make Christmas goodies but this year I went a little crazy and when I looked around I was surrounded by Santa's, Reindeer, Snowmen all different shapes and sizes and the sewing room is bursting at the seams so I have decided that some of my goodies may need to find a new home.  So for the first time I will be selling my items through a blog.  I take great pride in my work and each and every article is make with love and care.  I use only good quality material and accessories and do my best to keep my items reasonably priced. Please refer to the polices and shipping page for more information but if you have any questions please feel free to email me as I am more than happy to answer any queries you may have so here I go -
I am thrilled to share with you my very first Christmas Creation..................

This little Santa measures approximately 9inchs high.  He is weighted so he sits up by himself. 
Price - $25.00 each

Snowy is Santa's buddy and he is also approximately 9inchs high.  He is weighted and made from soft white fabric.  How cute is he.
Price - $25.00 each

Moosey is just waiting for Christmas to come, looks like he has already been playing in the Christmas tree.
Price - $25.00 each

Just in case you needed them all this is what the family would look like together!!
Price $75.00 for the three.

So these are the first three of my creations with lots more to come.  I have different coloured scarves and some have different bells.  So if you are interested please let me know and I am happy to post or send other photos for you to look at.  Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog (this is very exciting) and come back soon as I will post some more things tomorrow.  Feel free to contact me

With kindest thoughts