Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Up till now everything I have posted on my blog have been designs I have made myself.
But today I would like to share something really special, every year I make one or two of this big guy (with the designers permission) to sell.  He is one of my favourite things to make but there is a lot of work in him so he is a little pricey.  He takes over two metre of fabric, full ball of wool, full bag of toy filling but every time I start to make one it's like greeting an old friend.  Mine comes out every Christmas and has pride of place near the front door and every body loves him.  I weight him so he sits anywhere but again to post him would be $18.00 - $25.00 because he weighs 2.5 kilo not even in a box, (but I am happy to get you a quote)  So I have one for sale and if you would like something really special he may be for you.  He is being packed in the car tomorrow to go to the quilt show at Phillip Island (Sat 2nd Nov - Monday 5th Nov) so if you are interested or would like more info please let me know.  So without further ado ...



This big guy when seated is approximately 17inchs high and his legs are approximately 14inchs long.  His coat, hands and hat are flannel fabric and his trim, pants and legs are 100% cotton.  His beard is wool and he has a rusty bell on the end of his hat and a rusty bell and star on the top of his hat.  Since taking the photos he know has raffia and bells around the tops of his shoes!!

The Big Boy - $150.00

Ho Ho Ho