Monday, 21 October 2013


Thank you to everyone who sent me a comment or took the time to view my page I cannot tell you what a thrill it was this morning when I turned my phone on and it started sending me your thoughts.  And to my beautiful friend Peg what a gift you have been - thank you.
(I would send you a link to the beautiful Peg but I haven't had that lesson yet!!)
How lucky I am to have such a wonderful very very patient daughter who is still answering her phone, but she has only a few weeks to go until her baby arrives so if she goes early I could be in trouble and my grandbaby who is 2 1/2 was running round the house this morning yelling gramma has a block - hope this doesn't mean gramma is a block head......
So what will I share today, the boys (Santa and the gang) are in the background yelling "pick me", "no pick me" - I think it will be................
 These are cute little Santa ornaments.  The measure about 6" from top to bottom.  Each one is a little different.  They are $12.00 each.  We have red....
and blue......

and they look very cute when you put some together on a tree.  They make a great small gift for a friend or a teacher.  So let me know if you think you would like some to put on your tree, he does have a Reindeer buddy and at the moment his is getting ready for his turn tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day and huge thank you to everyone - you have made my day.
Kindest Thoughts


  1. You do write a very good post on your 'block'......thank you so much for your kind are truly going to love this blogging....LOL....and these ornaments are just so darn cute......have fun....

  2. Love the Santa's but will wait to see the reindeer next before I order. Peg is correct YOU ARE talented! I'm so pleased I paired the two of you up in the SSS. :)

  3. Hi Keryn and welcome to blogging! Peg is very persuasive, she got me started too...
    These are such gorgeous Christmas items - you will befriend plenty of others in blogland who love making Christmas thing too...

  4. Hi Kerryn, just popped over to say hi from Peg's. Welcome to blogland. You will love it. I think you will be in good company loving Christmas...bona fide Christmasaholic here. Love all your gorgeous Santa's.

  5. It's so exciting that you have a blog Keryn, and even more exciting that it's about Christmas - your's and my favourite subject. Would love two of your Santas please Keryn - maybe a red and a green

  6. Good morning, Keryn, and welcome to BlogLand! Glad to have such a talented person join in the fun! Love your Christmas-y items... makes me want to start a holiday project... or three!

  7. Love the ornaments. They are gorgeous. Hugs,xx

  8. ohhh these are very cute Keryn and its okay cause we all know and love our Peg.xx