Thursday, 5 December 2013


When it comes to a sewing machine years of practice and doing piece work for a living has made me very capable.  You need 100 t-shirts made in one day I am your girl.  Fifty costumes for a school concert - no worries. If you need I can sew 12 hours straight and not even flinch.  But give me anything else that needs to be plugged into work and I am useless.  When it comes to computers,
 I Pads, I Pods, televisions etc I can break them by just looking at them.  When the beautiful Peg encouraged me to blog I laughed at her sharing with her my nif naf computer skills.  But she convinced me I would love it.  So my wonderful daughter spent a lot of time setting me up and teaching me how to blog and off I went and I have really enjoyed it.  I got a lovely email from a gorgeous girl Anthea who told me I was a no reply blogger.  Well I had no idea what that was but it didn't sound good.  Anthea was very kind and armed with the info I was going to go to the IT Department (my daughter) but she was a little poorly so I didn't want to trouble her so how hard could it be I would fix this on my own.  So picture this computer on lap, I Pad in one hand, I Phone in the other and I was off.  I spent many hours (to embarrassed to tell you how many) trying to fix my profile but it looked nothing like the internet pictures.  I must have looked at every page and pushed every button so eventually I took myself off to bed with the realisation that my son is right - I am a dinosaur.  The computer age has left me behind, I am more comfortable with a stamp on an envelope and I would feel right at home in an Amish community.
With a sleep and the light of a new day I tried again - I think I have fixed the no reply blogger but have messed something else up ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I wonder if there is an Amish community near by.
Hope you are having a great day.


  1. dont fret Keryn this is how you learn by playing around,we all do something wrong at some stage,dont be frightened,in 12mths time you will laugh.xx

  2. You will be giving lessons in no :)

  3. I forget to look if someone is a no reply blogger. I've been replying to all your comments you send me! LOL!

  4. I'm with you Keryn - anything to do with computers I'm hopeless lol. Isn't that what children are for

  5. Hi Keryn. I am catching up on a few posts. I love computers when they work perfectly but get very lost otherwise. It's very handy to have children and a hubby with the knowledge to deal with these issues.
    If you left it to me, nothing would happen.
    Have you managed to fix the problem?

  6. No worries Keryn, I went through the same thing - I have 2 sons and they both go do this, this and this and I am still sitting there on the first this!!! It does all work out I promise!!

  7. no your not a dinosaur..........keep going you can do it..............