Tuesday, 10 December 2013


So today I was dragging my feet doing laundry and housework when I looked up and the postie was at the back door waving at me.  Not sure who got the bigger fright but I bet he tells his wife about the women who had her jarmies on with rubber gloves on and hair standing straight up in the air because she hadn't put a brush through it yet!
After the shock I looked and my parcel was all the way from Canada.  My beautiful friend Penny, Penny, Penny had sent me a brown box.  So I ripped it open..
And inside was all of this...
How lucky am I.  Magazines, chocolates, Jim Shore fabric and the most beautiful Jim Shore sewing angel who now sits pride of place in my sewing room watching over me.  Thank you Penny it just made my day.  My beautiful friend Penny is going through some difficulties at the moment so I am sending huge love and hugs her way.  Stay strong buddy and I'll see you at the Barn no matter what where we can have an enormous hug and some "ugly" crying.
Take special care


  1. what a beautiful friend keryn and you got lots of lovely goodies,sending big hugs to your friend as well.xx

  2. What a wonderful gift....big hug from me as well....

  3. Looks like a whole lot of fun in there. And don't worry about the postie. I'll bet he has seen a lot more sights than you can imagine!

  4. Such yummy goodies Keryn - a parcel like this always makes your day