Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Since my gran daughter was born (this is her third Christmas) we have taken her into the city to take her to Myer to see Santa.  So yesterday was the day.  We loaded up my daughters big car with a toddler seat and baby capsule in the back there isn't much room but my second daughter squeezed in between.  We loaded the rocket ship (photo to follow) into the back and the huge baby bag and off we went for our yearly outing to the "Big Smoke".
My daughter navigated the city traffic wonderfully, fitted that big car into a very little car parking place and then we unpacked all the "stuff" out of the car.  We loaded the rocket ship..
Toddler on the front (she had escaped by the time I got the camera out) baby on the top and boy does it take up a lot of space.  When we got to Myer (we thought we were nice and early) there were about 40 families in front of us!  So Miss Two and I headed to the ornament department (am I crazy I can hear you all saying) I held her hand nice and tight and she got to pick one for her own tree, she picked a bright pink handbag covered in glitter - how cute was that.  She picked a blue bear for her new "bruvver" and I just got a couple of trinkets!
Miss Two then waited soooo patiently in line......
She still wasn't going anywhere near Santa's lap but she didn't cry - but her brother did...
We had a lovely morning tea at Brunetti and lunch at a café.  We them loaded up the car and headed home.  It was a stinking hot day yesterday so feet were like two little pork sausages when we got home.  It is so precious to have this special day with my two big girls and my two little babies...
Have a special day


  1. What a special day... for all of you! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a good day..maybe next year..

  3. Oh what a cutie! I used to have to take my children in to Myers in Brisbane when they were young because in their words they had to tell the "real Santa" their list. Lol! It is such a special time.

  4. What a lovely day out with the grandies Keryn - special memories they will always remember. And a couple of trinkets as a keepsake

  5. I am impressed that you took this on. But I think that having two adults and more is definitely the key to success.

  6. Sounds like a great memory day!