Friday, 20 December 2013


Earlier this year I joined a Santa Sack Swap and how blessed was I because I was given the WONDERFUL Peg as my partner.  Yesterday was the big O (opening day) and this is how it went....
Beautiful parcels tied with string piled high on the floor....
Now that Peg must have gone to the store and asked for the toughest brown paper she could buy because no matter how hard I tried (and that was pretty hard) I could not "accidently" make a tiny peek hole in any of those parcels.  So under the tree they went in one piece...
At the big O I carefully and delicately unwrapped them....
Even my little dog in the background was excited...
Sooooo many presents piled high on the floor.....
Mum can I see what you got?
Boy Mum you did good that Peg sure is one generous swapper...
Let's open them and have a real good look.
Yummo and the box turned into this..
Coffee anyone????
Beautiful table runner...
One of Peg's world famous journels....
Beautiful pattern with frame....
Note pad, really nice smelling candle and this pig ate those pigs in about 2 seconds flat....
I just love this little wall hanging and months ago when I saw it on Pegs blog I said to hubby hope that's coming here and look it did!!  It must be Christmas because wishes come true.
And a stunning Santa Sack.......

Peg thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have been so generous and I just love all my presents.  But the greatest gift from this swap has been YOU.  You are an amazing person, kind, caring, supportive, generous and so much more and I will hold you dear in my heart for years to come.
To Chez what a wonderful person you are to give up so much of your time in making this swap happen and all the work and headaches that must come with it.  I for one am so grateful that you let this "no blogger" join and what a joy it has been - BIG HUGS AND THANK YOU.
Well that's all from me I am off to light my candle and have one of Pegs coffee sachets and do you think it is to early to open that box of chocolates......


  1. lol go for it Keryn,you are so right about Peg she is one of the nicest people,love her dearly,and i am so glad you joined the blogging world .Chez does an awesome job of her swaps and she puts her heart and soul into making sure everyone has fun.
    Love all your pressies from Peg,the wall hanging is one of the prettist i have ever seen,enjoy your parcels Keryn and what a wonderful leadup to xmas.xx

  2. I also have been a lucky recipient of Pegs gifts too
    You were very lucky to have her as a swap partner
    Beautiful gifts

  3. Beautiful gifts from the very lovely Peg!

  4. Lovely gifts for you Keryn. Hugs,xx

  5. Beautiful gifts from Peg. I love the reindeer hanging.

  6. It's NeVeR too early for chocolate! WoW your gifts are fantastic... and I am so pleased you enjoyed this first (of many perhaps) swaps with me. Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

  7. I opened mine too from the same swap... oh so exciting!

  8. Lots of wonderful fun.
    Yes, the chocolates must be opened and eaten!!

  9. Lovely gifts Keryn. Merry Christmas!
    Jille x

  10. My dear K.....thank you so much for all your amazing kind words.....I am so very happy you were my partner, you are one amazing friend...xxxx

  11. I've been Peg's partner in another swap and know how beautiful her work is and what a generous swapper she is (and I was lucky enough to meet her a few months ago and she is just gorgeous. What wonderful gifts, Keryn.

  12. What fabulous gifts. You have been spoilt yay

  13. wonderful parcel from Peg..............She sure is an amazing person...............

  14. lovely parcel from Peg.. and I am also watching what you sent.... a beautiful bag in todays post....

  15. Beautiful gifts love the wallhanging !!!!