Sunday, 5 January 2014


Well our house is now up for sale so for the last day we have been as busy as beavers.  We have tidied, cleaned, gardened, mowed and then hubby decided we needed to paint.  Seriously, we have lived here for 19 years and whenever I suggested the house could do with a lick of paint hubby would gloss over it.  The thing he hates most doing - is painting.  So after a little back and forth off we went.  Boy do you realise that the years are passing you by when you spend a whole day up and down a ladder and then the next day you can barely get out of bed.  But three days later it is finished and it has made a huge difference - so don't tell hubby but he was right.
So I hobbled out of bed this morning and did a double take at the clock it was only 5AM.  Yep up before the birds.  It was lovely and quite so I wandered down to the sewing room and started cutting these..
and after a few hours it had turned into this.. 
It's a quilt for hubby and it's coming together quickly so that's good.  I hope to get sewing and make a dent in some of those projects sitting up in the cupboard that way I will have less to move...
Happy Thoughts


  1. good luck with your lans Keryn and your hubby's looks fantastic,well one.xx

  2. Go K.......sounds like you are one busy that quilt....

  3. thank goodness the house is finished by the sounds of it...........the quilt is looking nice..........

  4. I love the fabrics you have chosen Keryn. The colours are gorgeous together. Wishing you a quick sale!

  5. Why do we always leave those little finishes to the house until it is time to sell? I have no answer.
    Your quilt for hubby looks great. I like the design and the fabrics!