Thursday, 2 January 2014


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, ate lots and spent time with people that they love.
I wish to everyone of you a 2014 that is filled with all the good things that life has to give.
We had a wonderful Christmas with Miss 2 1/2 gran baby very excited with parcels galore and our precious new gran son just a delight to be near the only problem is having to get in line for a hold of him!!
The other exciting news is 2 days before Christmas I had a very sudden rush of blood to my head and hubby and I bought a house.  I'm still a little shocked at what we have done and after nearly 20 years in this house I keep looking around at how much "stuff" we have gathered along the way and I think I may need a "few" packing boxes.
So we now need to sell this house so we had the real estate agent come round Christmas Eve and he said I needed to pack down my Christmas goodies and I had two days after Christmas to get it done because the photographer was coming.  Now normally I start to think of packing away Christmas about the end of January and it is a leisurely exercise over a couple of weeks.  I take my time ohh and ahh over my beautiful goodies and wrap and pack very neatly.  Well this time it was all hands on deck with heads down and bums up and off we went.  New Mum, son in law and babies came too things were wrapped, boxes were packed, a wall was repaired, a 4 metre ship was filled to the brim and a trip to the tip was taken!!!  We were exhausted.  I was more than thrilled with out effort and the photographer turned up, I had a small stack of old patchwork magazines sitting on the billiard table just waiting to be put away and the photographer made a smart comment about them - I was about to reach over roll one up and give him a little tap on the top of his head but hubby gave me a look obviously knowing what I was thinking.  Maybe I should have shown him a before photo.
So now I will have to try and keep it reasonably tidy, I just have to try and get 20 and 23 year old on board.  Their idea of tidying is just to dump it all on the laundry floor but that's a story for another day.
Kindest thoughts


  1. How exciting for you all Keryn,hope the new year rings lots of joy for you.xx

  2. Very exciting Keryn, I think I also would have been tempted to give the photographer a little flick with a magazine as well lol. Good luck with the sale of your house and your move :) Barb.

  3. How exciting Keryn. Hope your house sells quickly.

  4. It's all happening over there.... good luck with the sale...

  5. This is exciting!!! But what a crazy time it has been for you!!
    I sympathize about the packing and the filling the skip. We had quite a shock when moving after 23 years.
    My hope for you is that you have a very quick sale and don't have to go through all that fussing about a tidy house for too long. Your home is gorgeous so I hope someone loves it like you.
    What are you going to do about all those beautiful roses? Are you potting them up or taking some cuttings?