Tuesday, 21 January 2014


We came home from our time away to find a lot of our garden burnt to a crisp.  The beautiful roses that were in full bloom when we left were all shrivelled and even the leaves were burnt.  The poor apples on the trees were sunburnt and the veggie garden was very sad.  Guess that's what you get with a week over 43 - very glad it's over.
So Sunday I made this...
A Pane Di Casa loaf and it was YUMMY.  So yesterday I made another one and had it in the over so it would be ready when my husband and son came home from work.  But half way through the power went off and our yummy load ended up a flat pancake which ended up in the chook shed (doesn't that tick you off).
I also FINALLY finished this...
This poor little blanket has been sitting on the sewing room table for AGES and every time I walked in there it called my name but instead of just finishing it I just moved it round and round the table.  So yesterday I finally put a smile on the little ducks face and finished it.


  1. That loaf looks yummy Keryn. Pity about the other one. How cute is that duck!

  2. yes that hot weather is so harse on our plants and what a shame with your bread,and how cute is your little duckie Keryn,well done,have a lovely day my friend.xx

  3. Stinking here...yummo, and cure blanket...xx

  4. oh so sad that everything has got so hot... the heat has come back up to us now....
    how cute is your duck.. and how yummy is the bread...

  5. Oh your poor garden. Shame about your bread too. I bet the chookies were happy. Very cute little duck too x

  6. That loaf looks so yum - pain about the power going off in the middle of baking it Keryn. It's the cutest little blanket - is that for the new little man in your life

  7. Hasn't it been lovely to have some cooler days and today at last some rain!!
    Love the little duck blanket. Very sweet.