Thursday, 27 March 2014


Well with less than three weeks till the big move today I decided to clean out the pantry - oh dear.  Now surely use by dates are just a suggestion right?   
And look at this..
In that pile and around the corner are 17 packets of pasta and in the freezer 4 kilo fresh home made pasta and I haven't bought any or made any for two years.  I have a beautiful friend, an 83 year old Italian lady who is part friend, part mother who never let's me leave her home without 4 things.  Pasta, homemade sauce, donuts, snitzels and I can go on and on but I seem to have a back log of pasta at the minute so guess what's for dinner. Yep Pasta.
I have also added this..
To The I'm Not Moving It Sale page so pop over and have a look.
I hope your day has been happy.


  1. Oh that's what I need to do Kerryn ,clean out my panty too,good luck with your packing.xx

  2. I had a big throw out too of the pantry when I moved Keryn. Things I thought weren't very old and were past their use by day when I checked.

  3. Pasta for a few nights???? I am always amazed at was is in the pantry! Hope your sales going well ...

  4. I think we are all having a little chuckle about this one. We have all been in this situation!!