Monday, 24 March 2014


Yes I know I'm spoilt.  I have a big sewing room with LOTS of drawers, a fabulous ironing board on the wall and I generally now where everything is and it makes sewing very pleasant.  With time ticking away I knew I had to get my swap present started.  So I put packing aside for a while today and got ready to start the dreaded Dresden Plate.  But every time I went to get something I found it was packed.  The template is still missing, no template plastic, can't find a pencil, what box is the thread in and hubby (please his heart) has taken down the ironing board.  I am surrounded by boxes, screw drivers, nails and mess..
Lucky I have a Santa in the corner watching over me.  But onward I go.
Nice fabric but these things are tiny...
Now if you squint a little don't you think it looks like a Dresden Plate?
Well tonight I will try and sew it and we will see.
Hope your day has been happy, oh and don't forget to check out my I'm not moving it page great bargains.


  1. Love it! I'm sure it will turn out fine and your swap partner will love it :) Barb.
    P.S: If not you can always send it to me :)

  2. If I'm your partner then I'll be very happY ... lol :)
    Must be so hard with everything packed you are doing very well :)

  3. It's looking good Keryn,you are so clever,these are quite fun to make.xx

  4. You are doing very well considering the circumstances lol, but you are a gorgeous sewer so know your partner will love it

  5. The joys of moving house!!! Good luck. The colours look great!

  6. Looking so darn good, you really are a cleaver.....have fun

  7. Lovely fabrics Keryn. I'm sure you'll eventually find everything!

  8. woohoo... looking good.... hide and seek in your creative space?