Friday, 14 March 2014


If nothing else moving house gives you the opportunity to have a good clean out and time to de-clutter.  When we started to pack I decided to start in the sewing room, it was a little over whelming at what was in there.  I am slowly going through it all and you realise over time how your taste in fabric changes over the years.  I have found a number of things that I can't believe I purchased!!
What I have found is a number of projects I started (haven't finished) and for some reason packed away and now the fabric colours don't suit.  So instead of throwing them out I was wondering if someone would like to take them and finish them and add them to their collection.  These will be no charge but (yes there is always a but) you will have to cover the cost of the postage.  So if you are interested in them email me and we will go from there.
So today's half finished project.
I have NO pattern for this, only a photo but have completed a lot of the sewing.
This is the centre block (half done) and it is quite big....
Some applique on but not stitched..
Some blocks finished...
Corner squares...
Enough fabric for the binding but no other fabric..
This is the photo of the finished quilt.  Things to remember I have NO pattern, I can't guarantee the sewing or the 1/4" seam LOL, the colours are very country and the quilt is quite large.  So if you are interested let me know.  No charge, free to a good home you just have to cover the postage.


  1. I agree about tastes changing. I look at some of my early work and wonder how I could have worked with those fabrics.
    I hope you find a good home for this project!!

  2. What a lovely thing to do Keryn.xx

  3. I am sure some one will snap this

  4. I can relate to the packing and de-cluttering. It's hard work and my sewing room was the biggest room in the house to pack. Have always loved country style and still do. Gorgeous quilt Keryn and you have done so much work on it. Not sure I'd be clever enough to finish it without a pattern