Monday, 7 April 2014


This year I am lucky to be a member of a wonderful on line swap and on Thursday I posted off my parcel to my partner.  Now I still don't quite have the hang of this blogging thing because I carefully and lovingly wrapped and packed my parcel.  Made it snug as a bug (well I didn't want anything escaping)  with lots of packing tape and then remembered I hadn't taken a photo!!  What a goose.  I did take a photo of the Dresden gift...
It is a really sweet pin cushion.  Now I will tell you the name of the designer once I have moved and found the pattern which is packed in a big brown moving box lol..
Lucky my swap partner Karen is on the ball and has done a really lovely post about her parcel that she received so if you have time pop over for a look.
This was my first ever Dresden and I am happy with the way it turned out, a couple of those pointy things didn't want to co-operate so they needed a little gentle coaxing with a heavy iron but in the end they saw things my way.
Enjoy your presents Karen and thank you for the lovely phone call it made my day.


  1. hey Keryn your posts don't come thru full in feed services................

    I love dresdans.........

  2. Wow Keryn this is the cutest Dresden I have ever seen,well done my friend and hope you have enjoyed putting your first swap parcel together for FHFS,I know Karen was rapt with her parcel and how special that she rang to thankyou,well done my friend.xx

  3. OMG Keryn... it's gorgeous...
    I had my fingers crossed that it was coming my way... but then I read on and the lucky Karen received it instead. Karen better watch her back...I lOvE it! :)

  4. Ooo so beautiful. Love it. Hugs, xx

  5. Still loving it.
    Now does this mean you will be making more dresdens???

  6. Oh Keryn I had a look at your lovely swap gifts you sent to Karen on her blog and they are absolutely gorgeous - love the beautiful Dresden pincushion - you did an amazing job, and that cutest of all rabbits (you need to be selling them on your blog - maybe next year when you are not trying to pack and move)