Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I am one of those lucky girls who has a sewing room all of her own.  No table in a corner, or room shared with small children and tiny toys.  A room all of my own that I can do what I like in and then walk out and shut the door.  I am grateful for this and really do appreciate how special this is.  So the very beautiful Peg (Happy In Quilting) asked me for a little peak.  So while it is tidy I will let you see..
The favourite thing in my room is this....
My beautiful and much loved cupboard. 
I love it that much to make it fit in my old house my hubby and SIL had to take a window out to get it in.  So of course to get it out and on a truck for the big move they had to take the window out again!!
My room has lot's of cupboards..
Look Peg at the moment everything is neat and tidy.
Peg this cupboard is full of kits I didn't even know I had lol!
On Monday I received Happy Mail from the beautiful Cheryll (stitchingcubbyhole)..
I was just tickled pink to receive this and it really made my day.  At the moment it is hiding my Tilda present for my swap partner in Friends Having Fun Swap.  Maybe I could lift the corner and give
XXXX a little sneak peak of what they are getting.  You thought I was going to tell you where it is going weren't you.....
Thanks for dropping by.



  1. Amazing and wonderful sewing room.

  2. lucky are spot....and so goreous is our Dory....

  3. I'm lucky enough to have a sewing room of my own too. Isn't it wonderful! I just love your cupboard Keryn. We also had to take a window out to get my cupboard into my sewing room as it was about 1cm too high to go through the door and there wasn't enough swing room.

  4. o my gosh I love that cupboard..... just awesome.... so now we need an update picture in about 6 weeks time to see if it is still so tidy? I had to laugh that you discovered kits you'd forgotten about!

  5. Love it...tidiness and all! It's like Christmas everyday you open that you just never know what you may find in
    EnJoY... :)

  6. Great to see your sewing room set up and ready to use Keryn. And you already know how much I love that piece of furniture. It is still gorgeous!! This new room has a lot of storage space. Fantastic.

  7. Oh wow! Love your beautiful space....pea green here!