Friday, 27 June 2014


I have a little dog.
She is a good dog, at times she can be a little needy but has never really given me an any trouble whatsoever.  She has settled into her new home and seemed very comfortable.  As you know I went away for a few weeks, she is an inside dog so we made her a home in the laundry (it's a nice light laundry with a lovely view of the back paddock).  So the first few days my family nicknamed her Houdini as when they got home each night she greeted them at the front door, she managed to find a way out.  So they worked out her secret and I don't think she was very happy.
They came home one night and found she had chewed up my daughters cane laundry basket! 
The mess was cleaned up and the next day she did this..
Had a little chew on the heater cord but she decided she would punish them a little more for leaving her in the laundry so she did this..
Chewed the cord right off the heater, right through, all the way!!  Luckily the heater was not plugged in at the time.
As you can see she is back on the couch and much happier.


  1. LOL.....sorry K.....but I agree the lounge is better...

  2. Oh poor puppy....looks like you were missed and disapproval was displayed! Lol!

  3. Better not let her talk to our Molly. Molly is a naughty chewer too but fortunately hasn't chewed any cords.

  4. Oh dear! I am so pleased the heater was not plugged in!

  5. Oh no. So lucky the heater wasn't plugged in. Hugs,xx

  6. oh my goodness.... haha.... I think she missed you!

  7. Lovely to have you back dear friend - bet you had a wonderful time. Ha ha they are so very cunning, and love to let us know who's boss

  8. Ooh what a little scallywag. Much safer up on the couch.