Thursday, 31 July 2014


So I have been head down you know what up sewing for Saturday (thank you everyone who has been kind enough to wish me good luck) and today driving down to get milk I kept thinking Pom Pom Santa doesn't have a buddy.  I like things to have a buddy, normally if I make a Santa he then gets a pal.  So driving along I kept thinking he really does need a friend...
Tah Dah, sorry the photo is not crash hot there is a nasty storm brewing outside and it has turned really really dark and windy...
Don't be fooled these little guys aren't very big but I think they are cute - do you?
There you go Pom Pom Santa now you have you very own buddy - nothing nicer than a good friend.


  1. Hi Keryn you are so right a good friend is worth alot and i think he makes a great friend for santa,you clever chicky,yes we have had the bad wind and rain here as well,stay safe my friend.xx

  2. Oh Keryn you are a devil for punishment. Buy worth it - Santa's little buddy is so very cute

  3. them both....Shez is so right you are one very clever little chicky....

  4. & such a cute buddy he is. Love them both. Hugs,xx

  5. just too adorable.....
    friends are the best!

  6. Your creativity is shining through!

  7. And Santa has the perfect friend in a reindeer! Well done and more good luck being sent...but with your talent luck doesn't play a part!