Friday, 25 July 2014


Okay so I had two home day flopping around the house in my jarmies, hair all over the place, slippers and generally acting like a sloth.  Aren't you allowed to do that on cold foggy days?  Well today no fog so no excuse and everything needed food from the dog to the sheep to the hubby and kids....
I did manage to sneak into the sewing room and finish....
This a small version of the Big Fella I made last Christmas he just needs his shoes painted...So all the little Santa's are feeling a little insecure and worried they might not get a new home but I told them
size doesn't matter (right?) and they had to think positive and keep their fingers crossed.
A lot of my blogging buddies are off to retreats this weekend - HAVE A GREAT TIME GIRLS!!


  1. Acting like a pyjama wearing sloth sounds heavenly to me at the moment with all this cold weather. Love your new BIG guy and I'm sure the others will welcome him into the family eventually :) Barb.

  2. Hi Keryn I love your Santa he is adorable,half your luck staying in your PJs,have a good weekend my friend.xx

  3. Adorable santa.. definitely size doesn't matter.. .not with cute faces like they have....

  4. Very cute & adorable Santa. Hugs,xx

  5. OMG Keryn... I just LoVe EVeRyThinG you make... YOU are one talented lady!
    If any of your "friends" are lonely they are most welcome over here at my place... I'll make them FaMiLy :)

  6. I think the "The Little Fella" is adorable.. He has the cutest pair of tartan pants and I would even wear his gorgeous jacket.....

  7. I think this one still has to be a favourite!

  8. I would have a jarmie day 5 days a week if I could lol. Well this is a very handsome fella, but I'm sure the others don't need to feel insecure