Sunday, 13 July 2014


This weekend I put down the Santa's and Reindeer's, donned the wet weather gear (boy has the weather been bad since I got back from holidays) and out I went.  I am busily planting natives,
The little green machine makes things much easier....
Yesterday we had delivered two new stud ewes...
Meet Blossom (the bigger one) and Daisy (the little one).  Blossom isn't looking her best at the moment she is in the middle of shedding her coat but I think she is very special.

On a negative note we have a fox hovering at night at the moment so hubby and I take turns getting up to check on things and if I catch that fox I am going to put my size 8 up it's backside and boot it into the dam (any animal lovers please don't email me about animal cruelty.....I'm still gonna boot it).
I also managed to cook a beautiful (even if I do say so myself) roast for the family, made a huge pot of pumpkin soup, did laundry - no wonder Santa didn't get a look in.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Boy you sure have been busy Keryn,we have been seeing lots of foxes out our way also,hope you are warm my friend.xx

  2. The plants will appreciate you going out in the rain to plant them.
    Good luck with the sheep and the fox!!

  3. Very pretty sheep you have there K....cute names.....LOL....have fun with those plants ....xxxx

  4. good weather for planting.....

  5. I saw two foxes within about 100 metres of each other at 11.30 yesterday morning! How cheeky are they!

  6. You were certainly a busy little elf! Your new girls are very cute.

  7. We actually had a couple lovely sunny afternoons over the weekend Keryn, so I too spent some time in the garden. Those sheep are pretty cute

  8. Boot away... your plan is safe with me. Cute neighbours sharing your yard space! :)