Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Remember the other day when I showed you Santa who thought he was "all that"?  Well yesterday he got some competition..
Poor Santa....we still love you...
We have been surrounded by fog for days and yesterday at lunch time I went out to see what my two new girls were up to..
This was at lunch time, girls where are you?????
Thank heavens there you are. 
The fog is worse this morning so what else do you do on a cold Winter's morning - arc up the heater and off to the sewing room to finish a little swag I'm working on.
I might even stay in my jarmies for a little longer.


  1. It looks like a PJ sort of day if you ask me...
    EnJoY and say HI to your "girls"...baaaaa

  2. Hi Keryn,your santa's are very cute,love them and your girls are elegant in there black and white,easy to get lost in this fog,enjoy your PJ day my friend.xx

  3. definitely jammie type weather.... your santa's are just amazing.... sheep look happy to see you...

  4. I love those Santas. It's been very foggy here too. I played tennis in it yesterday and my eyes kept straining trying to get a clear view!

  5. I just love your Santa's.....mine's sitting looking at me right now I just couldn't banish him to the Christmas basket till Christmas lol :) Barb.

  6. I hope you did have a jimmy jammer those Santas.....

  7. No 1 Santa will have his nose out of joint. All very gorgeous Keryn. Can't believe that fog

  8. It has been a crazy few days and so cold. Stay inside where it is warm!!