Sunday, 10 August 2014


Yesterday some of the boy's found a new home.  They were very happy, where are we going - Queensland I told them.  It's a long way away, you have to go on a plane, but the sun is always shining and they grow pineapples and bananas as big as houses..
They were very excited...
Safe trip boy's make sure you use your sunscreen, your not use to all that nice weather..
Today there was lot's of work to do.  So my buddy and I got ready, put your coat on it's cold outside..
And off we went, this was the first load that needed to get into the ground..
There were lot's more after this.  Productive day and now I'm off to pack my case for a little break - yee har no work for me for two whole weeks..
Take Care


  1. So glad your boys found new homes in the warm,gee wonder if I can sneak in the box too,lol,enjoy your couple of weeks away.xx

  2. Enjoy your time away. Hugs, xx

  3. Have a good flight boys...and safe travels yourself Muma xx

  4. They look very excited to be heading to warmer climes. Glad you found time to get your bags packed today lol

  5. Welcome to Queensland boys... safe travels.... Have a lovely time away Keryn...

  6. We can always do with some new dedicated banana benders. Welcome boys. I love your little job overseer in his coat xx

  7. Safe travels boys! Have a lovely break...
    Nice gravillas your planting...

  8. I think I want to go to Qld too!! Hope all the plants are in the ground now.

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