Saturday, 9 August 2014


I am just about to head off to the post office some more Santa's have found new home, I am very happy but not as happy as them, one is leaving cold old Melbourne and heading to sunny Queensland (I wonder if there is room in the box for me?)
Last Saturday as you know I had my little stall so was away from home for the whole day.  I left hubby to his own devices - do you get where I'm headed.  We have only been in this house for a few months - he has been planning.  We have always had chickens but through old age (the chickens not me) foxes and natural attrition we are down to only two.  I am happy with the two just enough eggs to get by.  There is a small chicken house here, more than large enough for the girls and they get let out every morning and locked up every night so they are happy.
Hubby had made noise about making them a new house (there are lots of other jobs that need our attention)  okay I said but don't get carried away.  I came home after the quilt stall stopped dead in my tracks - let me introduce you to..
Complete with stunning views and ventilation.  Concrete flooring (that's coming soon) and I'm sure there will be a chandelier swinging from the roof.
The girls have been watching him in anticipation and hoping the big move isn't far away.
I'm just grateful I didn't say you had better build them something fancy!


  1. Ohh too funny... BuT men will be men... or is that BoYs...?
    I'm sure the girls will be very happy in the MaNSioN. :)

  2. lol,thats so funny Keryn,you do have a way of telling a story,you have made my day,hope you have an awesome weekend my friend.xx

  3. it K.....our girls and Boy, would love that....ours have a house but not mansion....xx

  4. while the wife's away the hubz does play... your chooks will be very happy with that.... happy travels Santa and friends....

  5. oh no the risk we take when we leave them home alone! :)

  6. Glad some of your other Santas have found a new home also. Well how glam is that chateau. Home away from home lol

  7. Are you going to make quilts for them as well?

  8. Oh my! now that's what I call upper class....just need to have Mrs.Bucket ( Bouquet ) as your new neighbour and the girls will be set for life :) Barb.

  9. lol. The chooks are going to be spoilt. :) Hugs,xx

  10. Lucky chooks having such a fancy coup!! I would get a chandler from the op shop...LOL