Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Last night we had gale force winds, so much so that I spent most of the night up checking on our new baby (the four legged kind) I was worried she might get blown into the next paddock..  Today the rain came down and did not stop.  The upside was - No Fence Painting - yee har.  So this afternoon I did a little rain dance out on the deck and asked for a little more tomorrow - don't tell hubby.
What a wonderful surprise I received at the post office box today.  Last week I had a birthday and it came up in conversation when I was talking to Tracy.  Tracy has the most wonderful blog all about her beautiful farm.  It is full of wonderful animal, flowers and she has the most AMAZING vegetable garden and I love to see what she is picking.  So today I received this from Tracy..
And inside was this beautiful card with a lovely hand written note..
She also sent me this..
A gorgeous hand knitted dish cloth.  It looks to beautiful to use to wash dishes with.  As someone who doesn't knit I am always impressed by those who do.
A huge thank you Tracy - you really did make my day.


  1. Well you kept your birthday very quiet. Big belated happy birthday hugs and kisses dear friend. I did notice that you hadn't written it down on our FHFS info lol. How lovely of Tracy - best looking dish cloth I have ever seen

  2. Hi Keryn ,Tracy is so lovely i love your gift and i received one today also ,so i know how nice these lovely washers are,still trying to work out your birthday so i can put it in my little black book,please tell.xx

  3. Well a Happy Birthday to you.
    Use your dishcloth. I am now making them and they are they best. My daughter and her friends now want them.

  4. Lovely gift and so very thoughtful of Tracy.......have a good day Dear K....

  5. Happy Birthday Keryn. Love the dishcloth. Hugs,xx

  6. More crazy weather.. it has been windy here too .. calmer today thank goodness... lovely special gift from Tracy... I love her blog too... and happy birthday ....happy birthday...

  7. A very happy belated birthday Keryn.. How thoughtful of Tracy to send you the lovely dishcloth.

  8. Well Happy Birthday to you!! And it is lovely to receive a lovely surprise in the mail.
    That was one huge dumping of rain we received. At one stage our house gutters couldn't cope with the hail and the rain and overflowed everywhere. Thankfully they did not back up into the house.
    I know the garden loved it.

  9. Very sneaky not to fess up about a looming special day. Happy belated birthday xxxx Such a sweet gift from Tracy.