Friday, 5 September 2014


Okay, I'm a little selfish and shallow - I admit it.
Every time I see a parcel on someone's blog ready to go in the mail I always hope it's headed here even if I don't know the person or I'm not in the swap they are mailing for!!
So a few days ago I saw some pretty spotted wrapping paper about to go to the post office and yep I thought - boy I hope that's coming here I like that paper and guess what - IT WAS!!
My joy started with this..
Is that not the cutest paper you have even seen.....
I carefully unwrapped the parcels (well you know that's a porky pie)...and look..
How gorgeous it that.  I love stitcheries but don't do them because of a problem with my hand so I was just thrilled....but wait there's more....

Two of the most beautiful hangers I have ever seen.  Just love, love, love the fabric and I keep thinking they look too beautiful to cover up, I might leave them hanging off my bedroom cupboard for a little while so I can admire them a little more..
And...(I know what a huge haul of goodies)..
A bag full of treats, buttons, ribbon, diary and lucky me my partner sent some licorice because my secret stash was empty and there was no treat for tonight so how great is that.
This enormous haul of wonderful loot is from My Friends Having Fun Stitching Swap (if I was clever I would do that linky thing but you know I'm not), the theme was Polka Dot and my very generous partner was the amazing Chez and boy did she make my day.  Thank you Chez for everything and to Peg and Shez for organising such a fabulous swap.
Well that's all from my I have a bag of licorice I have to work my way through..


  1. Ha, ha I secretly do the same when I see a pretty parcel about to be posted. What an amazing lot of beautiful goodies Chez made for you with lots of pretty fabrics. Enjoy that licorice xx

  2. Lol you are so funny,so glad this lot of wonderful gifts came to live with you Keryn,love them all,what a great parcel from Chez,enjoy my friend.xx

  3. Im so pleased you liked my choices...and they helped to cheer you up a little. It was a fun swap to put together for you as well. EnJoY...

  4. Beautiful gifts Keryn. Hugs,xx

  5. What gorgeous gifts Chez has sent you Keryn.

  6. Woo Hoo and that have been super your prezzies by Dory....and we are so lucky we have an awesome group...xxxx

  7. Lovely goodies.... and so pretty... I had to laugh about what you said about seeing parcels on other peoples blogs and wanting them..... (I do that too!!!!). there is something awfully sumptuous about having covered coathangers....

  8. These are all delightful gifts from your very wonderful swap partner!!

  9. Oh what a wonderful parcel of spotty gorgeousness!!!! Cheryll did a super job. I better get stitching...eek!!