Thursday, 30 October 2014


All my goodies left today to go to Philip Island ready for the quilt show over Melbourne Cup weekend.  So it took me about an hour to tidy the sewing room (you can't be creative and be tidy at the same time) and then I was ready for the next project.  I am in an online swap FHFS and we have to swap 12 yep 12 gifts so today I got started. 
Are you my buddy because if you are this might be coming to you.
And I started this...
I have a plan in my head I hope it turns out like I think it's going to.  So to my buddy I hope you like it so far..

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I made tea cup trifles..
And Jelly cakes, when I went to bed there were 12 but this morning there were only 8 I think a great big rat with 2 legs must have got into the fridge overnight..
And bread, I made two loaves in case the big rat was hungry when he came home from work..
And this was the berry tart before it went in the oven..
And I ended the day by finishing to pack for the trading table.  See you latter fellers I hope you all find a new home this weekend.
Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


At the retreat on the weekend I made this..
Over the years I have made a few of these Santa's but I think this would have to be one of my favourites.  The main reason is this fabric - don't you just love it.  It is a fabric from French General - say no more and hence the name.
I have just finished getting ready for tomorrow, I am hosting a lunch.  The table is ready with the good china, might just get hubby to move is smelly work jacket off the end of the table..
Kitchen ready to go and bread sitting in the pot doing it's thing ready to be baked in the morning..
We are having fresh bread, home made pasta with Napoli sauce and beautiful fresh buffalo mozzarella and spinach, berry autumn pie, jelly cakes and tea cup trifles.

Monday, 27 October 2014


On the weekend I was lucky enough to spend time with some wonderful blogging ladies at Millrose Cottage in Ballan.  What a beautiful shop, cafĂ© and accommodation.  Sue and her hubby have done an incredible job, thought of everything and it was a treat being part of it.  Now you know what a bad blogger I am and I have no photos!  But if you duck over to Barb she did a great job of taking photos.
I am busy packing for my trading table next weekend and I thought I would give you a peek of what's going to Phillip Island.  But if you see anything over the next few days that you think you would like to buy just let me know.
Tonight I have been packing blankets, lot's of blankets..
Tomorrow I will share what I sewed at the retreat, especially my Big Santa who I have named
"The General"

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I love making Santa's and Reindeers - except when it comes to doing the faces.  I put it off till the last minute, move Santa from one spot to another but today was they day.  I lined them up in a long row and off I went.  Over many years I have made many, many Santa's but I still get nervous when I have to do the face.  You spend hours making a Santa, especially the big Santa and one little slip and Santa ends up in bin.  But today was a good day and all the boys played nice.  I finished a big Santa...
I love the fabric..
I gave him a special button made of ceramic..

I'm happy with his face..
Looking good Big Boy...
Ready to go on the trading table.....

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Just a couple of weeks until the trading table at the Quilt Show and my sewing room is full of...
                Half stuffed, half made, half ready things that need to get a move on and get finished..

                                                                  Santa needs a face..

Deer's need feet and hands painted..
And Pom Pom's need to be fluffed and have their faces put on..
With a bit of luck they will turn into this...
Boy looking at all that I'd better get back to it....

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Meet Moo..
She is a mighty fine looking girl...
Moo's mum died when she was born and she was raised as a house cow, but when the owners tried to put her back with the heard they beat her up.  Poor Moo.  So her owners needed to find her a new home.  Now we know nothing about cows but how could I resist those big brown eyes.  She is incredibly tame, let's you pat her, comes when she is called but I am mindful that we need to be careful around her.  At about 400 kilo a little nudge could land you on your bottom.  We didn't want Moo to be lonely so we purchased another cow to keep her company, I told my son he could name her - he calls her No 74 - that's the number on her ear tag.  We will have to work on that.
We baby sat our grand babies last night.  Finally after three years my little dog is warming to my grand daughter...
I found them about an hour later both sound asleep.  Nothing like a buddy to keep your company.

Friday, 17 October 2014


So today I had a plan.  Get up really early, do my chores, sew for two house take grand daughter to music come back and sew all afternoon - what do they say about best laid plans.
So up early - check.  Animals given feed and love - check.  Laundry on - check.  Garden watered and loved - check.  Beds done and house tidy - check.  Just about to jump in shower at 10 to 8 when daughter calls out from the shower - there's no water.....  So have a look the power is out.  We are on tank water so no power means no water, no toilet, no cooking, no heating can't even open the garage.
Quick call to the energy co, they ask me 5 times if I have checked the switchboard - yes, they will be out within 4 hours but it will cost me $51 for them to I have a choice.
So an hour later the biggest truck I have ever seen, complete with cherry picker on it and two men knock at the door.  They tell me there is a crew working down the road and there will be no power for the whole day should be back on by 3pm 4 at the latest and they are sorry they forgot to inform us.   I thank them for coming and shut the door GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.....
This is my second full day of no power in three week.  I normally don't like to whinge on my block but just a minute let me drag my soap box over.............
To my electric company - would it kill you to let me know so I could be ready and fill the bath and the kettle so I could at least get a drink and go to the loo and maybe open the garage so I can get my stuff out - oh and I'm not paying you the $51.00 for coming out.
So to cheer myself up I have joined Wendy for FNWF (what a wonderful hostess).
I have been working on finishing the blankets for my upcoming stall..
Don't they look snuggly.  My puppy is in the background standing guard in the bean bag...
I then started putting Santa together.  He big guy put on some pants we have company..
I was going great guns until this..
I think the power company booby trapped my hot glue gun because it got me a beauty!!  I think I will put a line through today and take me and my boo boo on my finger off to bed.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Sewing and eating - my two favourite things.
Today this was under my machine..
It is a coat for a big Santa.  My quilt guild have a show Cup weekend at Philip Island and they let their members fill the trading table with lot's of wonderful goodies.  With being poorly I am a little behind so today I planned head down and you know what up. 
I was doing really well until I got a phone call from my beautiful friend Rosa.  Come for morning tea..nothing fancy..just her sister and mum and a couple of friends.  Well Rosa is an AMAZING cook - so how could I turn that down.  I would go have a quick cuppa and a little something to eat just because I needed the energy to keep sewing.
 I was greeted by this..
Oh you want a closer look..
Fresh baked bread hot from the oven, home made pizza from their pizza oven, anti pasta, frittata,
coffee cake (which was yummy) and delicious straight from the oven scones with raspberry jam and cream (they were on the other table with beautiful linen napkins)....not a bad spread for nothing fancy hey and all of this at 10 O'clock in the morning. 
Just to let you know I tried one of everything, rolled into my car and had enough energy to sew for the rest of the day...

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


It has been a while since I posted.  I have been very poorly for over a week.  I didn't even make it down to the post office to pick up our mail.  Yesterday I knew the bills would be piling up so down I went.  One of those lovely red cards fell out of the box and I knew there was a parcel.  I wasn't expecting exciting..
I saw the name on the back - the beautiful Peg.  Well what a treat there was inside that little red bag, it was filled with a whole lot of wonderful.  It looked like this..
Is this not the sweetest card you have ever seen.  My grand daughter told me it was "bootiful" and I think she is right!
Inside was..
One of Peg's world famous journals sooo pretty..
A gorgeous project bag and look at the inside..
Look at these little stars..
I saw pictures of this when Peg was making it and I thought how lucky someone was going to be - didn't realise it was going to be me.  I'm going on a retreat next weekend so this will come in very handy.
I enjoy blogging even if  I'm not always that good at it, one of the things I love the most is the kindness and caring that comes from people most of who I have never even met and it is such a blessing.
To dear Peg, Thank you for my wonderful parcel - you are one of the greatest blessings of all.