Friday, 17 October 2014


So today I had a plan.  Get up really early, do my chores, sew for two house take grand daughter to music come back and sew all afternoon - what do they say about best laid plans.
So up early - check.  Animals given feed and love - check.  Laundry on - check.  Garden watered and loved - check.  Beds done and house tidy - check.  Just about to jump in shower at 10 to 8 when daughter calls out from the shower - there's no water.....  So have a look the power is out.  We are on tank water so no power means no water, no toilet, no cooking, no heating can't even open the garage.
Quick call to the energy co, they ask me 5 times if I have checked the switchboard - yes, they will be out within 4 hours but it will cost me $51 for them to I have a choice.
So an hour later the biggest truck I have ever seen, complete with cherry picker on it and two men knock at the door.  They tell me there is a crew working down the road and there will be no power for the whole day should be back on by 3pm 4 at the latest and they are sorry they forgot to inform us.   I thank them for coming and shut the door GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.....
This is my second full day of no power in three week.  I normally don't like to whinge on my block but just a minute let me drag my soap box over.............
To my electric company - would it kill you to let me know so I could be ready and fill the bath and the kettle so I could at least get a drink and go to the loo and maybe open the garage so I can get my stuff out - oh and I'm not paying you the $51.00 for coming out.
So to cheer myself up I have joined Wendy for FNWF (what a wonderful hostess).
I have been working on finishing the blankets for my upcoming stall..
Don't they look snuggly.  My puppy is in the background standing guard in the bean bag...
I then started putting Santa together.  He big guy put on some pants we have company..
I was going great guns until this..
I think the power company booby trapped my hot glue gun because it got me a beauty!!  I think I will put a line through today and take me and my boo boo on my finger off to bed.


  1. What a day I thought mine was bad enough...,your poor finger Sending a hug xx

  2. I hope you don't get a bill from the power company.
    Poor finger. Sounds like a bad day all round....
    At least you did try for FNSI

  3. Oh Keryn you poor dear what an inconvience,hope you have power now and that your finger feels better.xx

  4. Oh no!! I hear you when it comes to power outages.. Also living on 5 acres supply our own water I can really relate to the no power no water problem.

    At least you did get some cute sewing done.

  5. Oh dear. I do hope today is better for you. Hugs,xx

  6. oh no... I would have thought they would have been able to tell you what the problem was even if they didn't inform you before!!! and now burnt.... I would have come over with some aloe vera (and wine) and helped you feel better

  7. Oh poo! What a big nuisance. Lovely little sneaky cheekies peeking out there on your blanket. I hope the finger is better.

  8. Oh dear, you did have some bad luck, hope today was better for you. How's the finger?

  9. What cute bears. I hope all is now back to normal at your place.

  10. Oh Dear... hope your finger feels a bit better today those glue guns have a nasty bite on them! Love your applique bears and fancy the electricity company trying to bill you when they should have been informing you of the power outage I'd be checking my next bill very carefully to make sure they haven't popped it on :) Barb.