Sunday, 19 October 2014


Meet Moo..
She is a mighty fine looking girl...
Moo's mum died when she was born and she was raised as a house cow, but when the owners tried to put her back with the heard they beat her up.  Poor Moo.  So her owners needed to find her a new home.  Now we know nothing about cows but how could I resist those big brown eyes.  She is incredibly tame, let's you pat her, comes when she is called but I am mindful that we need to be careful around her.  At about 400 kilo a little nudge could land you on your bottom.  We didn't want Moo to be lonely so we purchased another cow to keep her company, I told my son he could name her - he calls her No 74 - that's the number on her ear tag.  We will have to work on that.
We baby sat our grand babies last night.  Finally after three years my little dog is warming to my grand daughter...
I found them about an hour later both sound asleep.  Nothing like a buddy to keep your company.


  1. Lucky Moo to have a new home and a friend...

    Cute photo of your Grandie and little dog..

  2. What a cute pic of your g-daughter & the doggy, how sweet that they finally becoming buddies... and Miss Moo is lovely too, but she might need a bigger bean bag, LOL x

    I hope the power problems get sorted out soon Keryn - & you hold tight on not paying their silly $51...

  3. How lucky is Moo that she has a new home and a new friend. Lovely photo of your little grandie.

  4. Lovely post Keryn ,your animal family is growing,lol.xx

  5. Love the photo of your grand daughter and fur baby and dear K your Moo is a cutie xx

  6. cute moo..... and what a lovely picture of pup and grandie....

  7. Moo is so very cute Keryn. Such a gorgeous photo of your granddaughter and your puppy

  8. So pleased to see Moo has found a welcoming home.
    And lovely to see pets and grandies being happy together, too.