Monday, 17 November 2014


Today I spent a long time doing this....
Do you want a closer look?
It's my FHFS swap parcel, except all the presents don't fit so I'm gonna need a bigger box...Just one present to finish a little binding on and then it's on it's way.
While I was at it I just kept wrapping..
This swap parcel is finished and ready to go in the mail tomorrow.  Maria you are probably wondering..Is it for me, is it for me?????
You bet your sweet patootie it is.  It will see you real soon but no opening until Swap Mamma Cheryll says it okay..
Ah my work is done.


  1. Oh how exciting for Maria ,such pretty parcels Keryn.xx

  2. Well done, beautiful looking gifts

  3. You are amazing. They look gorgeous and I love that beautiful box. Can't wait to seewho gets them and their beautiful contents

  4. What beautiful wrapping & packing Cheryl... they will be much appreciated gifts I'm sure.
    Regarding the 'swap envy' - I hear you on that - sometimes I just know I am going to have a hard time parting with my item, so I'm cheeky & I make a second one to keep!

  5. oh you are so organised...... I better get back to work instread of reading blogs!!! love your parcels... all looks amazing...

  6. I love the box it is going into.

  7. Oh Keryn how hard will it be to just look at those beautiful gifts till Christmas morning........😢