Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Well up early for me anyway.  I am off to have morning tea with my beautiful Italian friend and while she says a "little morning tea" I know it will be a full on feast like always. Mr friend is 85 and the most amazing person I know.  I normally don't take food because she is the best cook I know so I just go and eat!!  But she does love a scone and she doesn't make them so..
They are already out of the oven and smell delicious.  I also made her a jar of jam from the raspberries in my garden.  I think she will be happy.
I also got to open another one of Mel's beautiful parcels...
The little pillows smell so wonderful sitting here next to me and the hand cream will come in very handy..  Thanks again Mel.
Well I need to dash and get ready can't keep my dear friend waiting....

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Looking through my box of goodies I found parcel number 3..

And today's note said....

Some day's I need all the help I can get......And this gorgeous recipe holder will come in very handy..
Thanks Mel it is just beautiful.  And just so you don't think all I do all day is open presents, today I did some work in the garden...I harvested potatoes, onions, zucchini, cucumber and beetroot..


Monday, 15 December 2014


I am in a fabulous on line swap Friend Having Fun Stitching organised by the wonderful SHez and Peg.  My beautiful partner for the Christmas swap is Mel and she sent me the most amazing box of goodies.  It has been sitting under the tree keeping me company.
Yesterday was Day 1 of present opening but things didn't quite pan out like that in our house.  So today I knew I could open two, it felt almost criminal to mess up this gorgeous box - but I did..
Each parcel has a beautiful tag with a number on the front and a note on the back...(I like things to eat must be mine) and inside both parcels colour co-ordinating tissue paper (Mel has thought of everything)...
Inside parcel one the most gorgeous bag filled with biscuits and the bag is made with the most beautiful fabric - how cute is Santa?

                                             Parcel no 2...I have a kitchen must be for me...
Now how did Mel know I love to cook and that I LOVE an apron...
Need a closer look of her beautiful stitching..
Mel thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am feeling very special.  And in case you were wondering I have 10 (yep that's not a mistake) 10 parcels to go WOO HOOOOOOOO..

Friday, 12 December 2014


You can have all the decorations in the world but sometimes it's the simple things that you treasure the most..
Please granny just let me at that tree....
How precious is that..

Monday, 8 December 2014


Okay I don't mean me....
I have a cupboard.  It is old and marked and normally filled with china.  This time of year I carefully pack the china away and then spend time marking it look special and it really is one of my favourite things in my Christmas display.
The only trouble is it is a little hard to photograph but I will give it a go but I may have to do it in sections..

                                                               Filled with treasure's..


Collected over many year's, lot's of Jim Shore and many more (I don't discriminate I am an equal
                                                          opportunity Santa collector)......

A couple of close ups of special pieces..Jim Shore gingerbread house it is gorgeous..
See Santa at the sewing machine so cute and more Jim Shore in the background..
There is another cupboard which sit's in a corner and holds some of my favourite pieces..
Three of my favourite Santa's..
Lot's of treasures...yes you can guess who else I love..
Sorry about the photo overload.  Well now you know why my son thinks I need medical intervention
                                        and that there may be something wrong with me!!
Thanks so much for putting up with my show and tell.



Sunday, 7 December 2014


I have found a little (okay a lot) more to share.
A fireplace wouldn't be complete without Santa..
 And friends..
Nothing like Friends at Christmas time...
Lot's of Jim Shore big and small..this is my little tree with all the smaller pieces..
 A closer look..
                         And every tree needs friends under it...and these are some of my favourites..
   Look at those faces.
                                             Then there is a little piece in the corner..
                                                                    Lot's of Santa's
                                                               And more underneath....
Even the fruit bowl get's put away and a special one put in it's place..
Cute hey..
So that's it for tonight.. Tomorrow I will share with you "THE BIG GIRL" and I don't mean me lol..
I hope you like what I have done with the place.

Saturday, 6 December 2014


Okay, I am starting this post with a warning if you are a Grinch or Christmas isn't your thing than you may want to look away.  This post and the posts over the next few days will be Christmas, nothing but Christmas and BIG photo posts so here we go....
I have always loved Christmas.
When I was little my parents, especially my mother took great care to make sure that Christmas was always a special time for us.  Through the year she would put a few dollars a week away religiously into a Christmas Club so that she could make it a special time for our family.  And the tree, she loved a beautiful Christmas tree.  She would stand back and say "Can you see a gap" and we would look and look - she never had a gap.  She had these beautiful glass birds with feather tails that always went on last and I just loved them, still to this day if I see a bird decoration that clips on the tree with a feather tail I can't walk past it - sadly the glass one's are hard to find. 
People ask me why I love to decorate - I think it's because it reminds me of a time long ago, a simpler time when my family was whole and the wonderful memories it created and hopefully my children and grand children will one day feel the way I do.
So here we go..Come on in...
Santa's Sleigh....
Santa's waiting to greet you..
My cabinet that holds all (well not all) my special Jim Shore pieces, I'm sorry the cabinet has glass in the back of it so it doesn't take very good photo's.....

My Tree.  I spend a long time decorating the tree.  I like it to look nice and when I think I'm done I   stand back and have a good look.  Can you see a gap?  I think Mum would like it.
Oh you want the lights on..
Oh and look Mel's present is sitting underneath it, doesn't it look pretty.
Then there is Mr and Mrs Claus keeping watch in the kitchen..

Is that enough for tonight?  I have a little more, especially the BIG cupboard that holds the other Jim shore pieces. 
Thanks for visiting..