Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Not only did I have the most wonderful weekend with our Royal Visit, I also scored big time.
I am in an online swap group FHFS which was kindly organised by the beautiful Peg and Shez.  Part of the fun is trying to work who your partner is.  So I had been watching parcels arrive and starting to narrow the field but with the upcoming visit I had forgotten about it for a few days.  When I drove down to pick up King Mick I passed by his car and out of the corner of my eye I saw this flash of bright colour and wrapping paper and yes I have told you all how shallow I am my first thought was - Hope that's a little something for me (I know how naughty is that).
So Mick follows me home and says I've got a thing for you from the girl at the hall.  Penny still didn't drop for me.  Then he pulls out this enormous (I mean really enormous) box of the most beautifully decorated presents I have ever seen.  It was so beautiful I nearly started crying.
Oh you want a closer look...
Each parcel has a beautifully printed tag with the number of the day to open and a note on the bag.
These photos don't do it justice so please pop over to Mel's blog The little house on the hill, she has a fabulous photo which shows it off beautifully.  The box has pride of place under the tree and each time I sit on the couch I just can't stop looking at it.  The hard part will be to open it, it really is beautiful.  I cannot thank you enough Mel you made me feel VERY special..
And the present kept coming....
 The beautiful Cheryl made me a wonderful table centre...
Cheryl does the most wonderful stitcheries and she used my favourite fabrics from French General sorry the photo is not so good (you know I really wish I was better at that)...
Cute right?  Cheryl does beautiful work..  And..
A hamper full of goodies which has been hidden from my family, they were just for me weren't they Cheryl?  And a bag of goodies from SHez her famous jam which hubby has already tucked into and chocolates which I did share...
Well who's a very lucky girl - that would be me..


  1. Oh wow
    Look at those lovely wrapped gifts. Ooooohhhhh the temptation...don't open them yet...

  2. Wow beautiful gifts from your lovely friends

  3. Hi Keryn i am still on a high from the weekend,,i would say this is karma for you,as you are one of the most generous people i know,i would've loved to have seen your face when Mick got the box out of the car for you,lol,Mel has done a wonderful job of your swap parcel,how much fun we are going to have when we can start openning them,lol,hope you have a lovely day my friend.xx

  4. What a lucky girl you are, Keryn. How much fun is it going to be slowly opening all those pressies!

  5. Mel has made the most wonderful parcel for you sew enjoy opening them.

  6. You have been. Super spoilt Dear K but boy do you deserve it xx

  7. You deserve it gorgeous and I think we were the spoilt ones. That work of art from Mel though is one of a kind

  8. All the pressies look gorgeous! Sounds and looks like a wonderful visit xox

  9. Boy we are all going to be sitting on our hands to avoid squishing and snooping. Beautiful gifts! Glad you were spoilt xx

  10. wowsers... what a bundle of parcels for you... great packaging Mel.... love the table topper and so nice to have home made yumminess....

  11. Wow they look amazing - I wouldn't want to spoil them by opening them xx

  12. Wow, you sure did score. The gifts do look lovely!!

  13. Isn't Mel just the sweetest and Shez is certainly one in a million...it was great to meet you at the day of Play.