Monday, 8 December 2014


Okay I don't mean me....
I have a cupboard.  It is old and marked and normally filled with china.  This time of year I carefully pack the china away and then spend time marking it look special and it really is one of my favourite things in my Christmas display.
The only trouble is it is a little hard to photograph but I will give it a go but I may have to do it in sections..

                                                               Filled with treasure's..


Collected over many year's, lot's of Jim Shore and many more (I don't discriminate I am an equal
                                                          opportunity Santa collector)......

A couple of close ups of special pieces..Jim Shore gingerbread house it is gorgeous..
See Santa at the sewing machine so cute and more Jim Shore in the background..
There is another cupboard which sit's in a corner and holds some of my favourite pieces..
Three of my favourite Santa's..
Lot's of treasures...yes you can guess who else I love..
Sorry about the photo overload.  Well now you know why my son thinks I need medical intervention
                                        and that there may be something wrong with me!!
Thanks so much for putting up with my show and tell.




  1. Hi Keryn love your show and tell ,your pieces are amazing,love them all and you would probably know if one was missing,lol,i am like that with mags,lol,thankyou once again for showing and sharing your beautiful home with us again Keryn,hope you have a lovely evening my friend.xx

  2. OMG..... I am sure you know what is exactly there. It is so much better than a store. What a fantastic display... Thankyou for sharing

  3. Keryn - loved that "cupboard" - so many gorgeous treasures and beautiful pieces. Love it

  4. Well Keryn, if anyone is feeling a bit flat about Christmas, they can just visit your home & feel the love... you do a wonderful job of getting into the spirit... but there's part of me that wonders where do you store it all? I think of that issue because our home has so little storage so I have to be smart about what 'stuff' I have...

    It all looks so good, well done Keryn!! x

  5. Oh it looks like a Christmas shop. How special.

  6. Amazing !! And I couldn't pick a favorite if they were mine....

  7. Your collection is amazing...thank you for sharing!

  8. Tell your son that he could maybe get a bulk deal if all us Christmasaholics go together Lol! I am just in heaven.... Gorgeous!!!!!

  9. oh my goodness... oh my... lucky I was sitting down... just lovely... I would spend hours looking at them all.... just fantastic

  10. Oh my ...K what an awesome display xxx

  11. Oh Noooooo... NeVeR TOO much !!! Love them alllllllll :)

  12. This is looking stunning. There are so many gorgeous pieces. Beautiful!