Saturday, 6 December 2014


Okay, I am starting this post with a warning if you are a Grinch or Christmas isn't your thing than you may want to look away.  This post and the posts over the next few days will be Christmas, nothing but Christmas and BIG photo posts so here we go....
I have always loved Christmas.
When I was little my parents, especially my mother took great care to make sure that Christmas was always a special time for us.  Through the year she would put a few dollars a week away religiously into a Christmas Club so that she could make it a special time for our family.  And the tree, she loved a beautiful Christmas tree.  She would stand back and say "Can you see a gap" and we would look and look - she never had a gap.  She had these beautiful glass birds with feather tails that always went on last and I just loved them, still to this day if I see a bird decoration that clips on the tree with a feather tail I can't walk past it - sadly the glass one's are hard to find. 
People ask me why I love to decorate - I think it's because it reminds me of a time long ago, a simpler time when my family was whole and the wonderful memories it created and hopefully my children and grand children will one day feel the way I do.
So here we go..Come on in...
Santa's Sleigh....
Santa's waiting to greet you..
My cabinet that holds all (well not all) my special Jim Shore pieces, I'm sorry the cabinet has glass in the back of it so it doesn't take very good photo's.....

My Tree.  I spend a long time decorating the tree.  I like it to look nice and when I think I'm done I   stand back and have a good look.  Can you see a gap?  I think Mum would like it.
Oh you want the lights on..
Oh and look Mel's present is sitting underneath it, doesn't it look pretty.
Then there is Mr and Mrs Claus keeping watch in the kitchen..

Is that enough for tonight?  I have a little more, especially the BIG cupboard that holds the other Jim shore pieces. 
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  1. Hi Keryn I have loved revisiting your home again with all its gorgeous decorations,can't wait till tomorrow night.xx

  2. Your decorating looks so nice. Can't wait to see more. I just adore the Jim Shore decorations.

  3. I'm really looking forward to sewing all your decorating if this is just the start. Love the sleigh, and your tree is gorgeous, it has a great shape.

  4. it's just many directions............

  5. your house is looking magical....

  6. I enjoy seeing your beautifully decorated home...

  7. wow your Christmas decorations are stunning! love your tree and yes I think your Mum would be proud, it's beautiful!

  8. Everything is beautiful, Keryn. I love your Santa's sleigh!

  9. No! No! I want to see more!!!! Oh everything is gorgeous! Definitely no Grinchy here!

  10. Looking wonderful, Keryn. I am looking forward to continuing the tour!

  11. Truly stunning.......your dispays are amazing K....xx

  12. You can post Christmas 52 weeks of the year dear friend. It is the most beautiful display I've ever seen. You know I remember those beautiful bird decorations as a kid too - my Mum loved them also and I would love to have some of them now

  13. I'm happy to see Christmas all year round (it brings happiness at any time) :) Love your tree and sleigh xx