Monday, 1 December 2014


When you think about great weekends - this was a little ripper!!
There had been great anticipation in our home for weeks with the upcoming Royal Visit.  Not much sleep was happening, way to excited.  So when we received the phone call to say they had made it I could have nearly burst.
King Mick dropped HRH Cheryl from Cheryls Stitching and Princess Shez from Enjoying Life at the Baxter hall for some sewing.  I had to go and rescue the King apparently they took the LONG way down (there was a little confusion over the Melways and depending on who you spoke to it was either Mick or Cheryl's fault) so I picked him up and looked after him for the day.  I'm not even going to mention the tractor that he broke or that hubby couldn't fix it because he didn't have the right part (really in a shed full of stuff) but they did manage to find a stubby and a chair to sit in and enjoy the sunshine.
I picked up the girls from the hall it was so wonderful seeing Cheryl after such a long time and finally meeting the legendary Shez.  I was also lucky to see Mel again and meet Susan that was really special.
So I got the gator out so we could have a ride around the block, no Cheryl wouldn't drive, no no Shez wouldn't drive but she had no choice because I didn't want them in the back so finally Shez said she would - well when she realised how much fun it is there was no stopping her she was off hooning around the paddock.  I had to hang on with both hands!!
I made a meal fit for a King (well I hope it was lol).  I tucked the weary travellers into bed and hoped the good country air had worn them out.
Sunday I had a special treat for them...
I spared no expense and pulled out all the stops and organised the jolly man in the big red suit to pay them a visit.  We colour co-ordinated so he would feel right at home.
After some coffee and cake we sadly packed them up and waved goodbye as they headed off down the drive (with new directions which hopefully would get them home quicker and with no fighting).
It was such a wonderful weekend that flew by way to fast, we ate lot's, laughed till we cried, the tractor got broken, the dog got a new name and Shez want's a gator for her place.
 It was so wonderful hugging Cheryl and Mick after way too long and finally meeting Shez it really was very special. 
Thanks for coming guys...
P.S.  I received my FHFS swap parcel Saturday but that is so absolutely AMAZING it has to have a post all of it's own.  Stay tuned for tomorrow you will not believe your eyes..


  1. Oh my friend I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had at your lovely home,you and your beautiful family made us feel so much at home that I wanted to stay there,it was one of the best weekends I have ever had,I have been on the biggest high,you went out of your way to make it a weekend for one that I will never forget and secondly your cooking is to die for,oh Nigella has nothing on you.I can't wait to show pics of your beautiful wonderland so hurry and get your pics up,lol,Thankyou again for letting me be part of your slice of heaven,I am so blessed ,till next time my friend.xx

  2. Knowing She and Cheryl I bet you had heaps of fun.

  3. Oh sounds just wonderful!!!! Some of my favourite people all together x

  4. Very royal event glad you had the bestest time great photo xxxx

  5. Isn't it amazing the people we meet though blogging. Sounds like a special weekend.

  6. Oh dear friend was so wonderful to see you again and we can't thank you enough for the most amazing weekend and spoiling us so much, So many laughs and so much wonderful food - it was a weekend we will remember and talk about for a very long time. We just need to keep Mick off the tractor. Can't wait until we can do it again. The Christmas shop and the beautiful coffee and cake overlooking the water just finished it off beautifully xx

  7. Sounds like you had so much fun.. That's what friends are for

  8. You let Shez loose on a vehicle????? You brave woman!! Lol! I can just imagine the fun you all had! Looking forward to the photos! Was lovely to meet you Keryn.

  9. Sounds like your hubby and you were the perfect hosts and your guests had a fabulous time. Lucky folks.....

  10. Well now... that's very nice but it has left me utterly green with jealousy...... humpht and pffftssh