Tuesday, 21 January 2014


We came home from our time away to find a lot of our garden burnt to a crisp.  The beautiful roses that were in full bloom when we left were all shrivelled and even the leaves were burnt.  The poor apples on the trees were sunburnt and the veggie garden was very sad.  Guess that's what you get with a week over 43 - very glad it's over.
So Sunday I made this...
A Pane Di Casa loaf and it was YUMMY.  So yesterday I made another one and had it in the over so it would be ready when my husband and son came home from work.  But half way through the power went off and our yummy load ended up a flat pancake which ended up in the chook shed (doesn't that tick you off).
I also FINALLY finished this...
This poor little blanket has been sitting on the sewing room table for AGES and every time I walked in there it called my name but instead of just finishing it I just moved it round and round the table.  So yesterday I finally put a smile on the little ducks face and finished it.

Monday, 13 January 2014


What could be better than hanging out at the beach in a little tent with my Granny.....NOTHING
Ah the serenity.
Don't wake me Granny not unless there is ice cream involved....
Granny this blogging is fun.......

Sunday, 12 January 2014


Well that would be me.  I am blogging from my I Pad hopefully with photos!!
So this is (finally) what I worked on at Friday Night With Friends. I am in a couple of swaps this year and this is one of the goodies I am making... 
I hope she likes blue... 
We are having a few days away at the beach and had to rent a house that would allow me to bring my buddy,
She was very happy that she was allowed to come except she is scared of the water so she is happy to stay home and guard the house when we go to the beach. 
That's all from me I will just sit here in smugness at posting from my I Pad with photo's.

Happy Thoughts

Saturday, 11 January 2014


I was really excited about joining Cheryll (stitchingcubbyhole.blogspot.com) for the first Friday Night With Friends for 2014.
Hubby and I are having a few days away at the beach so I packed some hand sewing for Friday night and was very pleased with I got finished even with the heat. So I am working on a penny rug (Shez that's a penny rug not a mug rug so don't get excited hahaa).
Now if you read this blog you will know how IT challenged I am.  So I was very excited sitting here with my I Pad getting my blog ready and do you think for the life of me I can find or get my photos to upload (is that the term?).
So two hours later I give in.  My daughter is joining us tomorrow so maybe I will have more luck then.  Sorry about that but I do hope you had fun. 

Kind Thoughts

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Hubby's quilt is finished, only really simple but for some reason it did take a little longer than I thought it would.  So I layed it on the floor last night to take the photo and wouldn't you just know it I have one block in the wrong place grrrrrr...
So I thought last night hubby won't notice but today I will sit and unpick it and fix it and then off to the quilter it will go.  The colours are a little darker than I would pick but hubby can some time be a bit of a grub so I wanted something that he could use and would hide any dirt.

Now I can really see that square that's in the wrong place..
So that's my first finish (well nearly finished) of making a dent in my sewing room so I have less to pack for when we move.  What will I start next?
Happy thoughts

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Well our house is now up for sale so for the last day we have been as busy as beavers.  We have tidied, cleaned, gardened, mowed and then hubby decided we needed to paint.  Seriously, we have lived here for 19 years and whenever I suggested the house could do with a lick of paint hubby would gloss over it.  The thing he hates most doing - is painting.  So after a little back and forth off we went.  Boy do you realise that the years are passing you by when you spend a whole day up and down a ladder and then the next day you can barely get out of bed.  But three days later it is finished and it has made a huge difference - so don't tell hubby but he was right.
So I hobbled out of bed this morning and did a double take at the clock it was only 5AM.  Yep up before the birds.  It was lovely and quite so I wandered down to the sewing room and started cutting these..
and after a few hours it had turned into this.. 
It's a quilt for hubby and it's coming together quickly so that's good.  I hope to get sewing and make a dent in some of those projects sitting up in the cupboard that way I will have less to move...
Happy Thoughts

Thursday, 2 January 2014


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, ate lots and spent time with people that they love.
I wish to everyone of you a 2014 that is filled with all the good things that life has to give.
We had a wonderful Christmas with Miss 2 1/2 gran baby very excited with parcels galore and our precious new gran son just a delight to be near the only problem is having to get in line for a hold of him!!
The other exciting news is 2 days before Christmas I had a very sudden rush of blood to my head and hubby and I bought a house.  I'm still a little shocked at what we have done and after nearly 20 years in this house I keep looking around at how much "stuff" we have gathered along the way and I think I may need a "few" packing boxes.
So we now need to sell this house so we had the real estate agent come round Christmas Eve and he said I needed to pack down my Christmas goodies and I had two days after Christmas to get it done because the photographer was coming.  Now normally I start to think of packing away Christmas about the end of January and it is a leisurely exercise over a couple of weeks.  I take my time ohh and ahh over my beautiful goodies and wrap and pack very neatly.  Well this time it was all hands on deck with heads down and bums up and off we went.  New Mum, son in law and babies came too things were wrapped, boxes were packed, a wall was repaired, a 4 metre ship was filled to the brim and a trip to the tip was taken!!!  We were exhausted.  I was more than thrilled with out effort and the photographer turned up, I had a small stack of old patchwork magazines sitting on the billiard table just waiting to be put away and the photographer made a smart comment about them - I was about to reach over roll one up and give him a little tap on the top of his head but hubby gave me a look obviously knowing what I was thinking.  Maybe I should have shown him a before photo.
So now I will have to try and keep it reasonably tidy, I just have to try and get 20 and 23 year old on board.  Their idea of tidying is just to dump it all on the laundry floor but that's a story for another day.
Kindest thoughts