Friday, 28 March 2014


As I mentioned in a previous post, this year I was invited to join an online swap.
After I had stalked via blogger all the other girls in it I new I would have to step up by game, I can be a little lazy when it comes to sewing and I sometimes spend more time looking for the shortcut than actually sewing.  My best friend (the hot glue gun) is rarely out of reach and always on stand by.  But the other girls in the swap are some serious sewers.  So I made a pact that I would step up so in the past where I would have just glued this puppy down...
Instead today I pinned (unheard of for me and that's why nothing quite fits right) and used my best hand sewing (absolutely unheard of) and with tiny baby stitches I sewed that closed.  Now you are probably wondering what it is - well I can't tell you just yet.  So partner if you are reading this remember - she who stitches and doesn't glue should get extra brownie points!!

Thursday, 27 March 2014


Well with less than three weeks till the big move today I decided to clean out the pantry - oh dear.  Now surely use by dates are just a suggestion right?   
And look at this..
In that pile and around the corner are 17 packets of pasta and in the freezer 4 kilo fresh home made pasta and I haven't bought any or made any for two years.  I have a beautiful friend, an 83 year old Italian lady who is part friend, part mother who never let's me leave her home without 4 things.  Pasta, homemade sauce, donuts, snitzels and I can go on and on but I seem to have a back log of pasta at the minute so guess what's for dinner. Yep Pasta.
I have also added this..
To The I'm Not Moving It Sale page so pop over and have a look.
I hope your day has been happy.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Amongst all the projects in my sewing room I found this.
A Thimbleberries BOM pattern and a bundle of fabric.  I have started some of the blocks so some of the fabric has pieces cut out of it.  But if you think you would like it or can use it then it is yours, the only catch is you have to pay the postage.  Now there is a bit of fabric here so the postage could be $15-$20 but it will only cost you what the post office charges.  So let me know if you are interested.
Happy sewing

Monday, 24 March 2014


Yes I know I'm spoilt.  I have a big sewing room with LOTS of drawers, a fabulous ironing board on the wall and I generally now where everything is and it makes sewing very pleasant.  With time ticking away I knew I had to get my swap present started.  So I put packing aside for a while today and got ready to start the dreaded Dresden Plate.  But every time I went to get something I found it was packed.  The template is still missing, no template plastic, can't find a pencil, what box is the thread in and hubby (please his heart) has taken down the ironing board.  I am surrounded by boxes, screw drivers, nails and mess..
Lucky I have a Santa in the corner watching over me.  But onward I go.
Nice fabric but these things are tiny...
Now if you squint a little don't you think it looks like a Dresden Plate?
Well tonight I will try and sew it and we will see.
Hope your day has been happy, oh and don't forget to check out my I'm not moving it page great bargains.

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Thank you WENDY for hosting FNSI.  My sewing room is on it's ear with packing so not much was achieved.  But I am finally organised to start my swap project.  Last year I was invited by the beautiful PEG and SHEZ to join a swap they were running FHFS.  At first I said no I am a REALLY poor at meeting deadlines and set sewing projects.  When it comes to sewing I am always in a hurry and if I can find a short cut then I will (especially if I can use the hot glue gun).  But I thought it would be good for me to become a better quilter so I was in.  Then I saw the list of girls and boy did I know I was in trouble.  What a group of talented and amazing sewers, the work they churn out is amazing, precise and accurate sewing and me and my hot glue gun were a little nervous.  So the first project is a Dresden Plate (oh dear) have never made one and a template well this would be a first to.  So I purchased a plastic template, misplaced it, found it again and then it accidently got packed in a moving box (now I have no idea where it is).  So I went on the net and bought a really cute pattern so I was ready to go.  Went to start the project double checked what sort of fabric my partner wanted and another oh dear she likes bright fabric.  Now I don't have any not a scrap so off to the patchwork shop for me.  Now I can normally pick fabric without any problem but I went to two shops walked up and down and in and out and then left and had coffee.  Next day was refreshed so back I went.  But I took the cowards way out and just picked two of the colours she listed, red and white.  I love them I hope she likes them and here they are.
I am going to start cutting soon and will show you how I am going.  Wish me luck and by the way has anyone seen the template I made last night??

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Yep that's right.
Before hubby finds out how much stuff I have (he has been counting those brown boxes) I'm having a little sale.  As I mentioned in a previous post I worked in a craft and patchwork business and when it closed most of the left overs came here to live.  So now they need a new home.  I have started a separate page so if you go to the top of the blog and click on the I'M NOT MOVING IT SALE button you will see the start of what there is.  I say start because there really is A LOT of stuff.  So if you are looking for a bargain, a little treasure or a small gift for a friend or swap please have a look you may find just what you are looking for like..
By the way please don't tell hubby....
Keryn XX

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Santa, do you think we will find a new home at mum's sale today?
I sure hope so we are pretty good looking you know...
Santa and the boys.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


A few years ago I was lucky enough to work in a patchwork and craft business.  It was a wonderful time and I met and made some wonderful friends along the way.  When the business closed a lot of the left over stock came her to live (well what else could I do lol).  Now you know why I have sooo much stuff in my craft room.  But it is time for a clean out so tomorrow I have invited some of the girls from my guild over for a little sale.  This is some of the goodies..
And a billiard table covered in quilts...
And a family of little friends..
And I'm embarrassed to say that's not all.
Oh dear.
Lets hope tomorrow night some have a new home.

Sunday, 16 March 2014


I have been dreaming about brown packing boxes in my sleep.  I am still wadding my way through my sewing room (seriously how much stuff can I have in there) but today I needed to do something else.  So went spent some time with family, always a wonderful thing to do. 
This is my beautiful gran baby an absolute gem who just eats, sleeps or poo's.  No trouble and if he is tired falls asleep anywhere!  Couldn't you just kiss him he is so beautiful.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend with people that you love.

Friday, 14 March 2014


If nothing else moving house gives you the opportunity to have a good clean out and time to de-clutter.  When we started to pack I decided to start in the sewing room, it was a little over whelming at what was in there.  I am slowly going through it all and you realise over time how your taste in fabric changes over the years.  I have found a number of things that I can't believe I purchased!!
What I have found is a number of projects I started (haven't finished) and for some reason packed away and now the fabric colours don't suit.  So instead of throwing them out I was wondering if someone would like to take them and finish them and add them to their collection.  These will be no charge but (yes there is always a but) you will have to cover the cost of the postage.  So if you are interested in them email me and we will go from there.
So today's half finished project.
I have NO pattern for this, only a photo but have completed a lot of the sewing.
This is the centre block (half done) and it is quite big....
Some applique on but not stitched..
Some blocks finished...
Corner squares...
Enough fabric for the binding but no other fabric..
This is the photo of the finished quilt.  Things to remember I have NO pattern, I can't guarantee the sewing or the 1/4" seam LOL, the colours are very country and the quilt is quite large.  So if you are interested let me know.  No charge, free to a good home you just have to cover the postage.

Thursday, 13 March 2014


It has been forever since I have blogged and I am very sorry.  I just want you to know although I haven't been busy sewing I have been busy doing this..
This is all Jim Shore (naughty me)..
The sewing room (only half way through that)..
More Christmas at the back...
Oh dear..
What I have figured out is I need to join Christmas Addicts Anonymous IMMEDIATELY and someone has been putting purchases in my sewing room that I know nothing about!  I have found things in there that I don't even remember buying so someone must have put it in there.
Have a wonderful day I'm off to pack some more...........