Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Yesterday I received a beautiful note in the mail from the lovely Melody.  Along with the note she sent me a beautiful gift..
The most beautiful button and one of these amazing drawings from Michelle Palmer.  Mel thank you I was just tickled pink and I can't wait to do something special with it.
I was feeling pretty happy after that but there was more joy coming my way.  I am in a wonderful swap group and the gifts had started to arrive on different blogs so a few names had been ticked off and yesterday it was my turn.  My partner was the beautiful Fiona and this is what she sent (you better sit down I had to)..

Isn't that the cutest bunny you have ever seen and the fabric is just beautiful.  But along with Bunny was that huge parcel and I did the feel test and it wasn't squishy it was really hard so now it really had me guessing...
Then these fell out of the parcel, now yesterday I was really tired maybe dear Fiona new and thought I needed a boost of energy!  Best I unwrap another layer..
The sweetest little pin cushion and I was whinging about how small my Dresdens were Fiona's are tiny and don't you just love the colours.  Also a bag of licorice and this will come in very handy over the next few days when I need a treat..  But the big girl was still not opened..
Tah Dah the most AMAZING Dresden I had even seen.  The very clever Fiona had turned her Dresden into a clock, yep a clock, how stunning is this and wait look at the quilting..
I just sat there (told you I had to sit) and ran my hand over this stunning quilting..
Look Mumma and baby..
Fiona I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful parcel of goodness you just can't imagine how much joy it gave me.  THANK YOU.  I feel incredibly blessed to be asked to join this wonderful group of talented women and am so pleased that the beautiful Peg encouraged me to become a "blocker" - I have made some wonderful kind friends who I treasure.  Oh dear I need a little tissue.
So who's a lucky girl - that would be me and on the note I had better get off the couch as the removalist truck is heading up our drive in two hours.  So if things get a little stressful today I will think of my huge haul of booty from Mel and Fiona yesterday and I will skip through the day.
Keryn xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Hop over to the "I'm not moving sale" page these bunnies need a home..


Monday, 7 April 2014


This year I am lucky to be a member of a wonderful on line swap and on Thursday I posted off my parcel to my partner.  Now I still don't quite have the hang of this blogging thing because I carefully and lovingly wrapped and packed my parcel.  Made it snug as a bug (well I didn't want anything escaping)  with lots of packing tape and then remembered I hadn't taken a photo!!  What a goose.  I did take a photo of the Dresden gift...
It is a really sweet pin cushion.  Now I will tell you the name of the designer once I have moved and found the pattern which is packed in a big brown moving box lol..
Lucky my swap partner Karen is on the ball and has done a really lovely post about her parcel that she received so if you have time pop over for a look.
This was my first ever Dresden and I am happy with the way it turned out, a couple of those pointy things didn't want to co-operate so they needed a little gentle coaxing with a heavy iron but in the end they saw things my way.
Enjoy your presents Karen and thank you for the lovely phone call it made my day.

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Until I get moved and find all my sewing things I may have to change from a sewing blog to a cooking blog!  So today I continued in the cooking mode to bring comfort and joy.  Nothing says comfort more than soup so I made a huge pot of chicken noodle soup (sorry no photo) and I made these yummys..
Dozens of sausage rolls, these were straight from the oven and adult children smelt them and came running.  I made lots so I could freeze some for next week when life will be crazy. 
I am lucky to be in a swap group Friends Having Fun Stitching and Thursday I mailed my present to my swap partner, she knew she was getting a gift but didn't know who from.  Well today I received the most wonderful phone call from my partner Karen saying she had received her gift.  It was so lovely to get the call and hear she was happy with what was sent.  Now I'm a hopeless blogger I mailed off the gift and forgot to take photos!!  I have a photo of the Dresden present but I think I will wait until Karen posts her photos. 
I hope your Sunday was wonderful.

Saturday, 5 April 2014


 I joined up with the wonderful Cheryll for FNWF I don't have much to show but I did fix this..
I had finished this quilt for hubby but I had one square in the wrong spot.  I blogged about it, you all told me to fix it.  I was lazy and I didn't.  Hubby wouldn't know, it meant unpicking lots of rows and I really didn't have time with the move so I left it and just kept moving it around the table.  Well Friday night quilt got the better of me so I unpicked and fixed it so Fiona will be pleased with me.
I woke up this morning and our house looked like an episode of Hoarders, I was just waiting for a chicken to run out from between the packing boxes and chaos which is our home at the moment.  To make things worse EVERYONE I know was off sewing this weekend, The quilted Crow girls are in town, Soiree with Lisa, sewing here, sewing there and me left behind.  So hubby tried to cheer me up with two poached eggs on toast which helped a little.  But to really feel happy I needed to clean or cook, cleaning was out not a piece of floor space to be seen so it would have to be cook.  This time of year I love to make Buns.  Beautiful, yummy Easter Buns.  So I started mixing and then covered it with a blankie and let it rest for a while..
              There is something really special about working with yeast and watching how it works..
                    Soon they were starting to look like me, a little chubby and full of wrinkles lol....
           So into the oven and the smell is AMAZING.  Out of the oven and the smell is AMAZING.
    My Gran baby just lives behind us and about half way through the baking there was a bang on the
                      door she had come for morning tea.  I think she must have smelt them lol...
They are not gluten free, fat free (especially with all that butter), not weight watchers approved but they are yummy.  So much nicer than some of the store bought ones you get now days.  Just a yummy old fashioned hand made bun which had us all doing the HAPPY DANCE.  So the house may look like an episode of Hoarders but the buns did help!!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


On Sunday hubby and I needed a day which didn't involve packing brown moving boxes.  So we jumped in the car and headed off to a field day at Lardner Park.  I had never been before but hubby was excited especially when we walked up the hill and saw..
the R.M. Williams truck.  That's him rushing in the door.  I was only pleased my son wasn't with us or that would have been a really expensive outing.  It was a lovely day people just out enjoying themselves and as we sat on the ground surrounded by families and children playing and having fun eating our hamburgers by the local Apex club (which were delicious) I realised how lucky I was to live in this beautiful country of ours. 
Yesterday was a stinker 35 degrees where we are not normal for this time of the year, I am a little over the heat but I did get to pick all of these yesterday..
We made yummy bruschetta to have with tea. 
Rain is slowly falling this morning and now very humid I am off to pack my FHFS swap into a box and send it on its way - who knows maybe it is coming to you.
Have a happy day.