Sunday, 31 August 2014


What a day our family had yesterday.
Honey is the sweetest lamb with the nicest nature and yesterday she decided it was time for her baby to come into the world.  My human family gathered (we were a little excited) and Honey's lamb family stood was like they were helping to guard her..
Things didn't quite run smoothly.  Honey's baby came but wasn't moving.  Hubby and son were in there doing everything they could but she was born sleeping.  I was heart broken.
We stayed close but let her be.  For some reason the other sheep stayed put and didn't we wondered what they knew and we waited too...just in case....our babies wrapped in blankets...watching just in case..
And then.....she had a second baby..
And all was good..
We were so happy..I will show you a photo of her tomorrow all cleaned up and as cute as a button.
Welcome Molly we have fallen in love with you already..
Your human mum..

Thursday, 28 August 2014


I spent the day unpacking from my trip. 
I have no idea how it happened but somehow this made it's way into my suitcase..
I don't want hubby to stress (especially when this isn't all I found) so I'll just hide it, I mean put it with the rest of the stash.
I know I'm a very thoughtful wife.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Home again after a two week break.  Left the family to their own devices.  Remember what happened last time I left hubby alone - he started Chateau De Coup.  A mansion for two elderly, sad looking chickens.  Well I came home to find it looking like this..
Finished and ready for moving day.  How lucky are those two girls - the funny thing was while I was away one of the girls became ill and hubby thought she was on her last leg and wouldn't make it through the night, even had the plot picked out for her.  But she rallied, I think she saw her new accommodation and thought she might stick around for a little while!!
And what a small world we live in look who I bumped into while I was on holidays..
Kerry from Cottage on the Hill, Fiona, Marilyn and the gorgeous Beryl - along with my beautiful friend Penny (who took the photo) we spent the day hanging out with Kim Diehl.  It was a real treat.
Have to dash laundry to do and dinner to cook - holiday what holiday lol.

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Yesterday some of the boy's found a new home.  They were very happy, where are we going - Queensland I told them.  It's a long way away, you have to go on a plane, but the sun is always shining and they grow pineapples and bananas as big as houses..
They were very excited...
Safe trip boy's make sure you use your sunscreen, your not use to all that nice weather..
Today there was lot's of work to do.  So my buddy and I got ready, put your coat on it's cold outside..
And off we went, this was the first load that needed to get into the ground..
There were lot's more after this.  Productive day and now I'm off to pack my case for a little break - yee har no work for me for two whole weeks..
Take Care

Saturday, 9 August 2014


I am just about to head off to the post office some more Santa's have found new home, I am very happy but not as happy as them, one is leaving cold old Melbourne and heading to sunny Queensland (I wonder if there is room in the box for me?)
Last Saturday as you know I had my little stall so was away from home for the whole day.  I left hubby to his own devices - do you get where I'm headed.  We have only been in this house for a few months - he has been planning.  We have always had chickens but through old age (the chickens not me) foxes and natural attrition we are down to only two.  I am happy with the two just enough eggs to get by.  There is a small chicken house here, more than large enough for the girls and they get let out every morning and locked up every night so they are happy.
Hubby had made noise about making them a new house (there are lots of other jobs that need our attention)  okay I said but don't get carried away.  I came home after the quilt stall stopped dead in my tracks - let me introduce you to..
Complete with stunning views and ventilation.  Concrete flooring (that's coming soon) and I'm sure there will be a chandelier swinging from the roof.
The girls have been watching him in anticipation and hoping the big move isn't far away.
I'm just grateful I didn't say you had better build them something fancy!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Well finally the Santa's have settled down and stopped crying, some of them have found a new home and the others are still living in hope..
I have added some more goodies to the SHOP page so if you think you would like to add to your own Christmas Collection or a friends pop over and have a little look at the SHOP page.
Today I was nearly crying (happy tears) when I saw this is the mail box..
Don't you just love those little red white and blue parcels.  It came from here...
And inside was this..
Isn't this just beautiful, the range is called Grant Park and I loved it when I first saw it and now I love it even more.
StitchCraft is owned by the wonderful Johanna and is located in Boca, Florida (doesn't that sound warm, sunny and exotic?).  Johanna has wonderful things in her shop and she provides great service so you may want to check out her site - you too may find a little treasure lol.... 

Monday, 4 August 2014


There is nothing worse than seeing a grown Santa cry...
Oh no now he has started them all off.....
I know some of you didn't get homes at the sale but there really isn't anything to cry about..No it doesn't mean your not handsome...I know the Reindeers found homes...I know you were sitting up straight...wah wah wah.....(Needy little things aren't they).
I tell you what tonight I will make a new page just for what wasn't sold and maybe someone out there would like to give you a new home.  Oh good your feeling better, it might just take a minute I'm waiting for my daughter to ring I touched a button on the blogger thingamagigy and my page has gone missing and I don't know how to get it back.
I hope she rings soon or I will be the one crying....

Saturday, 2 August 2014


Friday night I planned to Join Cheryll and everyone for some stitching but time got away from me and by the time I finally found the small Christmas tree and packed the car it was too late to sew so off to bed I went.  I had to get up early to get to my stall...
Here I am set up ready to go.  Sorry about the quality of the photo but the sun was coming through the window (in reality I took a bad photo so my buddy Jeanette didn't feel so bad lol)..
I had a lovely day on my stall but I came home with some very sad Santa's and Reindeer that didn't find a new home.  Some are very put out.  So tomorrow I will pop a few up to see if someone out there will bring a smile back to their little faces and give them a new home to go to.  For now cuppa for me and off to bed - I'm pooped...