Monday, 29 September 2014


Okay I'm a bad wife - I admit it...
For nearly 30 years I have been married to the same man (I know he should be up to parole soon), but for about the last 20 years I have had a secret love for another man.  The first time I saw him he stole my heart and no matter how hard I try I can't seem to give him up.  Every year I promise this will be the last time I have anything to do with him and I try and I try but then he bats those eyes and calls my name and I am drawn right back in.
But not this year, this year I am going to be strong - a good wife.
And then it happens I get an email and he is trying to sweet talk me.  He is looking mighty fine and new and shiny.  No not this time.  And then he offers cheap, really cheap postage and I am in hook line and sinker....He wants money - I don't care I just have to make sure there is no paper trail.....Thank heavens for a paypal account.  He is on his way, I am excited.
He knocks on my door....
Luckily my husband isn't home...
Be still my beating heart...
Meet Jim Shore isn't he handsome...And such a beautiful back....
I tried to stop at one really I did....
So if you help me keep my little secret I promise this will be the absolutely LAST time I have anything to do with Jim.
Now I have to go, I have to hide the evidence I mean pack up before my hubby comes home..
I wonder if there is a CHRISTMASAHOLIC meeting close by????

Friday, 26 September 2014


If you are in the FHFS Swap and you haven't received a swap present yet - then keep a look out for this because it may be in your mail box real soon..
I planted all the roses I bought, there were only ten that's not to bad is it?  But tomorrow I have a confession to make....

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Today I finished my FHFS swap gift, now I just have to give it a little sparkle.  The only problem is I sometimes get carries away (I know that's hard to believe).  I always say you can never have too much sparkle or glitter or bling.  Apparently not everyone thinks the same - so to my partner if I go a little crazy you can always take some off..

Tomorrow I have high hopes that the weather will clear and I will get this in the ground..
The weather is suppose to clear, it was very wet today.  Hubby told me that this house was a NO ROSE zone...I'm sorry I just can't help myself.  If no one tells him then maybe he won't notice...

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Well what a day.
My son gave me a voucher to a day spa so today was the day.  I was going to have a facial, massage and a pedicure.  So I kicked off my gumboots and off I went.  Very fancy and very special.  I even had my toe nails painted which was a real treat.  I did get a little concerned when they had to get the belt sander out for the bottom of my feet!
I then treated myself to lunch and headed home - I was determined to get stuck into my polka dot swap - and I did..
Up to quilting.  Rocking along I am, maybe it's these fancy new toes..
Now I know there is a dotty button in here somewhere..
So I iron up the backing ready for first thing tomorrow. 
Then I had a bit of a panic attack - maybe I should have checked to make sure my partner likes Christmas...Oh Dear.....

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


I am in a wonderful online swap group - Friends Having Fun Stitching.  Our next swap is coming up fast and I am really lagging behind.  I have flip flopped on what to make about ten times.  I finally settled on something and then Jerry the Janome decided she would throw a spanner in the works.  Well I took her to task, unscrewed her, defluffed her, went over her with a fine tooth comb and gave her a good talking too.  Today her mood had improved greatly.  So to my partner don't worry I am on my way....

The theme is polka dot - mine is a little less polka and a little more dot. 


Saturday, 20 September 2014


Last night I joined in with Friday Night With Friends.  Thank you Wendy for being a wonderful host.
I made this...
Sorry about the photo...A baby blanket for my upcoming stall in November.
I finished two of these...
And today I had to fertilise our back paddock.  Lucky my china cup sits snuggle in my John Deere Gator...
So I could drive, fertilise and drink coffee from my china cup.  Everything taste nicer out of china..

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Today was the most miserable day, cold and wet all day.  My Queensland buddy was bragging shorts and tee shirt weather as I was donned in my singlet, thermal, long sleeve tee, hoodie and then had to add a coat to go and bring my new baby lamb up out of the rain.
So while I was out there I noticed these...
Ducks and lot's of them.  About a dozen - just lurking.  I think they have heard how ungrateful the chickens have been regarding the new Chateau and are just waiting for their chance to sneak into some luxury accommodation.
On the sewing front I have finally started....
I am in an online sewing swap F.H.F.S. and even though the next swap isn't till October lot's of the girls have already got their gifts in the mail. Me well I hadn't even started - until today.  The theme is polka dot and mine is a bit more like dot without the polka.  I'm not sure if I'm happy with the red so there may need to be a change.  For those girls in the swap that haven't got your gift yet let me know if your not happy with the above and I can go to plan B.......

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

YO YO's...

I am busy making these...
and there's more..
They are for a quilt by Kim Diehl.  I need nearly 600 of the little ones and 200 of the big ones....
I have a long way to go.

Monday, 15 September 2014


Don't you love when you open the post office box and there is a red card telling you that you have a parcel?  I certainly do...
Today there was a card, I didn't get very excited.  I wasn't expecting anything and I thought it was one of those boring bike/car/tractor magazines that my husband constantly gets.
No this was for me (do the happy dance, yes the happy dance).  The beautiful Shez had sent me a parcel.  It was beautifully wrapped, with a lovely note for my recent birthday.
And in the parcel was this - one of her world famous towels.  Shez is so generous and on more than one occasion I have seen her send these to other bloggers and I will confess on the odd occasion I have had tea towel envy.  But no more envy from me tah dah... 
Now there is a very nasty rumour going around that I am a Christmas-aholic so this will fit right in. 
Don't you just love this pudding (how did Shez know how much I love plum pudding, mmmmm pudding)..
So I gave it a trial run on the oven - pretty spiffy right..
 The children are under a death threat to look and not touch.
Thank you sooo much Shez I just LOVE it. 

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Today my thoughts turned to sewing for a trading table I am doing at a quilt show in November.
Last year I made baby blankies - different sizes and colours, and they all found new homes.
So today I started cutting and sewing..
I took this photo at night so the colour is not true to form, it really is the most beautiful coral colour.
These are both made out of Minkee.  I love this fabric it is sooo soft and cuddly but boy is it a cow to sew and when you cut it - poof all over the place, up your nose, in your hair and ALL over the floor.
I also made some applique blankies - I will show you those later.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Last night we had gale force winds, so much so that I spent most of the night up checking on our new baby (the four legged kind) I was worried she might get blown into the next paddock..  Today the rain came down and did not stop.  The upside was - No Fence Painting - yee har.  So this afternoon I did a little rain dance out on the deck and asked for a little more tomorrow - don't tell hubby.
What a wonderful surprise I received at the post office box today.  Last week I had a birthday and it came up in conversation when I was talking to Tracy.  Tracy has the most wonderful blog all about her beautiful farm.  It is full of wonderful animal, flowers and she has the most AMAZING vegetable garden and I love to see what she is picking.  So today I received this from Tracy..
And inside was this beautiful card with a lovely hand written note..
She also sent me this..
A gorgeous hand knitted dish cloth.  It looks to beautiful to use to wash dishes with.  As someone who doesn't knit I am always impressed by those who do.
A huge thank you Tracy - you really did make my day.

Monday, 8 September 2014


Talk about an ungrateful chicken.  Hubby spent hours and put blood sweat and tears into building the Chateau De Coup but yesterday we couldn't find one.  After much searching we found her...
Tucked up inside a shoe at the backdoor. 
Ungrateful Chicken...
I managed to finish painting the front of the fence yesterday and now I have the back and all the posts to do but luckily they are predicting rain all week - yee har!!
In between everything yesterday I popped a pav in the oven for family dinner last night and wouldn't it rot your socks it was a big flat flop...
So what's a girl to do - salvage the good bits and turn it into deconstructed surprise alla Keryn..
They were yummy and looked a bit fancy.  Family were very impressed that I had gone to all that trouble.  Don't tell them the truth will you??

Saturday, 6 September 2014


Last night I joined Cheryll and the girls for FNWF, that's for hosting us Cheryll.
I am in a swap and the theme this time is polka dots.  I received mine yesterday (see yesterday's post for the beautiful bag of goodies I received) but I haven't even started mine ahhhhh!  Now the deadline is next month so I'm not behind but it did prompt me to get a wriggle on.  I pulled out some fabric..
This is polka dot right?
Well kind of polka dottie - Peg and Shez will this be okay?
I then made these for another little project..
And today for most of the day I did this..
Painted metres and metres and metres of fence.  Mind numbing, arm aching, painting.  I asked hubby if he would like a nice red, maybe a nice chevron pattern, no he wanted black, plain old boring black..
No imagination that man!!

Friday, 5 September 2014


Okay, I'm a little selfish and shallow - I admit it.
Every time I see a parcel on someone's blog ready to go in the mail I always hope it's headed here even if I don't know the person or I'm not in the swap they are mailing for!!
So a few days ago I saw some pretty spotted wrapping paper about to go to the post office and yep I thought - boy I hope that's coming here I like that paper and guess what - IT WAS!!
My joy started with this..
Is that not the cutest paper you have even seen.....
I carefully unwrapped the parcels (well you know that's a porky pie)...and look..
How gorgeous it that.  I love stitcheries but don't do them because of a problem with my hand so I was just thrilled....but wait there's more....

Two of the most beautiful hangers I have ever seen.  Just love, love, love the fabric and I keep thinking they look too beautiful to cover up, I might leave them hanging off my bedroom cupboard for a little while so I can admire them a little more..
And...(I know what a huge haul of goodies)..
A bag full of treats, buttons, ribbon, diary and lucky me my partner sent some licorice because my secret stash was empty and there was no treat for tonight so how great is that.
This enormous haul of wonderful loot is from My Friends Having Fun Stitching Swap (if I was clever I would do that linky thing but you know I'm not), the theme was Polka Dot and my very generous partner was the amazing Chez and boy did she make my day.  Thank you Chez for everything and to Peg and Shez for organising such a fabulous swap.
Well that's all from my I have a bag of licorice I have to work my way through..

Monday, 1 September 2014


Okay Molly head up shoulder back it's time to make your debut for the blogging ladies (don't be scared I was my first time but they really are a cracker jack group of people)..
Honey is doing a great job of looking after her..
And here she is with her cousin who is a little older...
He is not feeling the best tonight, he had that little operation, you know the one where the fellas need a frozen packet of peas....don't worry buddy you will feel better in a couple of days...