Friday, 28 November 2014


Our home for the last few weeks has been a hub of activity..
Windows being put in, painting being done, weeding, cleaning and laundry (well the laundry has been hidden) and some serious Christmas decorating has been done.  This is a new house so it has been a bit of a challenge, in the old house everything had it's place.  But I have finally finished and I'm happy with how it looks, my husband commented that I had been so busy anybody would think we were getting a visit from Royalty.
Well they might not be Royalty but they are very special.  Tomorrow my dear friend Cheryl and her gorgeous husband Mick are coming to stay and they are bringing Shez with them.  At first Shez wasn't coming, she had a better offer but "Jim" fluttered his eyelashes and whispered sweet nothings in her ear and that was that she was in hook line and sinker.
So next week I will share my decorating with you (if Cheryl and Shez don't beat me to it first) but here is a sneak peak of what they will see tomorrow...
See you tomorrow.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


It is a little messy at my house at the minute..
No sewing is being done.  I can't get into the sewing room. 
My sewing room in my new house was very dark, so dark I had to wear a miners cap everytime I wanted to sew.  So my beautiful SIL and hubby (yes in the doghouse hubby) did something wonderful..
The only downside is I forgot there would be a mess, a big mess.  Along with the Christmas decorating mess I am in I'm not sure which way is up.  But today I will pull myself together and get organised because this weekend I am getting a very special visit from some very special people - I have dubbed it the Royal Visit and I will share that with you tomorrow.  I have to dash I have some painting to finish.


Monday, 24 November 2014


I have been busy decorating and I did join Wendy for FNWF and yesterday I was already to blog about it but things didn't go quite like they were planned.
Hubby ran over my dog, she is a little worse for wear but okay.  A trip to the vet, doggie pain killer, anti inflammatory tablets and cream for the gash.  I thought the worse when it happened, I am not a drinker but yesterday I reckon I could have knocked the top off a bottle of something and drunk it dry.  She is sleeping soundly now...
I am VERY attached to this little mut so today she is getting lot's of special treatment.
Guess where hubby is - Yep the Doghouse.

Thursday, 20 November 2014


Yesterday all the "JIM" boxes were unpacked...
Today I will unpack these..
And so it continues both day and night....

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Brown boxes that have been stored in a shed since our move in April..
Which are filled with more brown boxes...I open them and it's like greeting an old friend.
So today the decorating begins...


Monday, 17 November 2014


Today I spent a long time doing this....
Do you want a closer look?
It's my FHFS swap parcel, except all the presents don't fit so I'm gonna need a bigger box...Just one present to finish a little binding on and then it's on it's way.
While I was at it I just kept wrapping..
This swap parcel is finished and ready to go in the mail tomorrow.  Maria you are probably wondering..Is it for me, is it for me?????
You bet your sweet patootie it is.  It will see you real soon but no opening until Swap Mamma Cheryll says it okay..
Ah my work is done.

Thursday, 13 November 2014


I make lot's of things.  Some I try to sell and some I give away and I don't often get attached to things, I did have a pang last week when "The General" left but I knew he was going to a wonderful home so I was really happy.
Then today when I had finished sewing my project I was working on I laid it on the floor and realised I had "SWAP ENVY" of something I was making!! 
I am in a wonderful swap FHFS organised by the beautiful Peg and Shez and the deadline is getting close.  My partner (oh that's a secret) is all the things people should be - kind, thoughtful, generous.  So I wanted to make her something special.  It started in my head but you never quite know if it will work so I started it.  Beautiful colours but it was a little too simple, so I added a Santa, it wasn't balanced so I added something else...
It just needed a little something else..
And then I started the quilting.  I am normally a girl that quilts by cheque but I wanted to do this myself.  So I stitched in the ditch and it looked TERRIBLE.....
So in for a penny...I had a go.  I got some back up.  I went and got Josh Groban out of the cupboard - well his Christmas CD and put on my favourite carole - Little Drummer Boy said a hail Mary to the quilting God's and off I went...  So two hours later and in 34 degree heat I was done....
So to my partner if you are reading this the quilting is a little like me, a little rustic, a few lumps and bumps and it wouldn't win a sash, (well maybe Miss Congeniality) but it has been done with much love.

Monday, 10 November 2014


**I need some room in the sewing room, the left over goodies from my trading table just won't fit**
So why not pop over to the SALE PAGE (just press on SALE at the top of the page), the Santa button at the moment isn't working and my IT department is still in bed....
You might pick yourself up a little treat or a gift for someone special.
Maybe even this..
Or a blankee..

Sunday, 9 November 2014


I joined the beautiful Cheryll and lot's of lovely other ladies for Friday Night With Friends.  I am a little slow to post but I will tell you why in a Minnie.  Friday night I some more on the Secret Sewing..
And a little tag to go on a present..
Thank you Cheryll for being a wonderful host like always.
The rest of this post is lots of photos and family self indulgent (so that's your chance to look away)..
My beautiful grand son turns one this week and today was his party.  My daughter is incredibly talented and boy can she decorate and put on a party and it looked like this..
I wondered why my wattle was looking a little bare today lol.
It was a wonderful day.  Happy birthday my beautiful boy and well done mum.
 P.S. Check back tomorrow I am having a little sale!!!!

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Today I locked all the doors, turned off the nights, unhooked the phone, hid the car and took off down to the sewing room lot's of swaps coming up and I need to get a wriggle on.
So French General was the name of the day..lot's of mess so I must be being creative..
I made a secret thingy for my secret buddy.  The fabric is pretty and what I made was nice and simple...I have a problem with nice and simple.  Maybe it just needs a little something, maybe a little Santa (or two).  Whoa Keryn stop that one is way too big, don't do it, stop right now, put that iron down...
Whoops.  Looks like nice and simple just went right out the window. 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


My hubby is a top shelf kinda guy.  This week he bought me this..
It is bigger and faster than my old one - maybe he didn't think I was working hard enough!!
Meet No 74..
She sounds more like a Chinese take away dish but son hasn't named her and No 74 is her ear tag and now it has kind of stuck, we all call her 74.  The girls wanted to see my new toy..
Oh mum we really like this one...
And it still has a holder for your china cup you sure are a lucky girl....
I sure am.

Saturday, 1 November 2014


If you happen to be anywhere near Phillip Island today the guild is holding their quilt show at the Newhaven Hall for the next four day, yep Saturday to Tuesday.  If you can get along and give them some support that would be wonderful.  They donate a lot of money to their local community from this show and beside that they are a wonderful group of ladies..
They also always have a hum dinger of a trading table so you might be able to pick yourself up a little treat (or two)..
Also look at this..
One tray just out and one going in..want a closer look?
Imagine one of those with a little jam and a bit whollop of cream.  Well that's what the girls in the kitchen at Phillip Island will be serving for a very reasonable price.  They are yummy and I can highly recommend them!
I also just wanted you to know "The General" found a new home he didn't even make it to the trading table and I am thrilled to bits because he is going to a wonderful home (I knew he would he is such a charmer).
Better dash got to get the scones delivered so they are nice and fresh..