Tuesday, 28 April 2015


The beautiful Fiona emailed to see if I was okay because I hadn't blogged in a while - what a sweetheart.
I have been lurking watching everyone else but just kinda fell off the blogging train.
This week things have been getting done, we had some work done to our house it involved men with oxy torches, drills, grinders which meant lots of mess and way too much noise.  My highly strung dog nearly needed medication when we started to cover all the furniture with old blankets.  When the man walked through the door with a face mask on and an oxy torch in hand she leaped into my arms and nearly became a scarf when she wrapped herself around my neck.  So I bundled her up and off we went and locked ourselves in the sewing room.   My FHFS swap parcel had been done and posted and I didn't want to start anything new so I opened the cupboard - there must be a little work in progress in there somewhere.
I spotted a pink box which I new had a half finished applique quilt in it.  When I opened the box it looked like this..
I must really love this quilt because when I sorted through everything I had done more than I had realised and I had even done 3 of the blocks twice (yep what a dummy)......
So by the time the workman had finished a couple of days later - so had I..
This is a pattern by Pearl Louise - Thimble Cottage. 
Today the weather is miserable so I have been sitting by the fire doing their faces, tomorrow I will buy some backing and then after seven years (that's when I bought it) it is finished.....
Lucky it didn't have a use by date..


  1. Good to have you back Keryn,oh i love your new quilt and i am so glad it didnt have a use by date either,lol,oh your poor little puppy,i could imagine how scared she was,i was trying to think of what Mick called her,hope the workmen have finished.xx

  2. OMG Keryn... it's absolutely gorgeous! I LoVe IT!
    And I bet your poor dog is pleased all that work has finished.
    Good to have you back once again in blogland. We all missed you! xox

  3. Hi Keryn. Good to see you back.
    So good to get well on the way for a UFO. It does look good.,can't wait to see th finished item.

  4. Have I told You lately you really are cleaver xxxxx

  5. Welcome back gorgeous. That quilt is AMAZING - it is just beautiful. Oh your poor dog - if it's not the boys trying to lose her it's naughty workmen trying to frighten her lol

  6. Hi Keryn, good to see you back. The quilt looks good. Hugs,xx

  7. oh wow... you are back indeed! what a fantastic quilt.... I love all that detail in it.... I did have a laugh about the dog wrapping like a scarf... glad you both found a safe place to hide!

  8. Nice to see you back!! Can sympathise about the workmen...we have something similar going on at present...our dog is not happy!!! Love the quilt ...the snowmen are so cute!! Looking forward to seeing it done!

  9. Hee hee as I was writing this the sparkie has drilled through the floor boards...woops!!!

  10. Welcome back Keryn! such a beautiful quilt, gorgeous!

  11. This top is gorgeous and I love Pearl Louise designs. Well done with the attack on WIPs.
    Good to see you back. I did ask a couple of the others if all was okay with you and am leased the answer is yes.

  12. What an amazing quilt! I have heaps of quilt stitcheries to make into several quilts yet I still start new projects. Hmm, I think I need a serious talking to from myself. Or maybe you can talk some sense into me.