Wednesday, 29 April 2015


So I finished one WIP and was feeling pretty smug with myself.
Then I thought I might have a look to see what else was up there (note to self not a good idea)....
I then gave myself a good talking too and yes this is my year, my year for finishes...
Out came the next box...
So I cut and sewed....
And cut and sewed some more...
And then just sewed...
Now this quilt has about 600 Yo-Yo's on it (seriously what was I thinking) and because they have to be sewn on by hand I can only do a few at a time (stupid hand problem).  Maybe I should have a working bee and I could feed people while they sew???????  When is Cheryl coming to visit again lol..
So off to the patchwork shop today to buy the backing for my Christmas quilt.....I promise just the backing!!!!


  1. I think you would be over run with offers...from what I gather about your hospitality!
    Be strong when visiting the LQS... remember... ONLY THE xox

  2. A working bee is a wonderful idea.....Shez would be there in a flash I am sure...I would be there too!! Six hundred is a lot to sew on!! But good to do in cold and wet weather!!

  3. Oh my friend you will have it finished in no time,I am sure ,and if you needed help I can see lots of hands going up ,and how wonderful finishing your UFO's xx

  4. This quilt is going to look amazing, Keryn.

  5. I'm sure your house would be filled with helpers as soon as the door was opened..
    Only the backing REALLY.

  6. We all need those little quilt fairies to help us from time to time lol

  7. It will be a very lovely quilt. Hugs,xx

  8. Maybe you need to look at one of these

  9. So,what else did you buy!!!!!! Great project xxx

  10. Ha ha that wasn't what I had in mind when I come to visit. Maybe we could teach Mick and keep him off the tractor. You are on a roll with your WIP - can't wait to see it

  11. You don't expect us to believe you'll only buy backing Keryn, do you?! We know you're kidding yourself LOL
    Good luck with the yo-yos, they're addictive...
    I'd be happy to offer my stitching services in exchange for choccy & coffee!

  12. way to go..... I keep saying I am going to do that... and I am doing quite well... it's just that new starts happen too!!! do you do that??? I'm sure you are more disciplined!

  13. Wow, that is a mountain of work in that one quilt. Why do we think we can do everything? But ten, most times we can.
    It does look lovely!

  14. Oh my! Loove all those cute yo yos. t