Thursday, 7 May 2015


So I was a bit disappointed that the bag pattern didn't have all the pattern sheets - I will muddle through it will just take a little longer.
So I looked back in the cupboard and there was a little kit I knew I could knock up relatively quickly.  It was just a panel quilt I bought about three years ago just in case I ever had a grand son.  Well I have one so I pulled it out and got cracking.  I don't seem to be having much luck lately with patterns and kits that I have purchased.  My Christmas quilt didn't have enough or the right lengths of fabric, the chenille quilt had errors in the pattern, the bag was missing pattern pieces and fabric and this simple little quilt - well I don't know what panel she had but the one I had and the instructions given and no photo were not going to get this made.  So I did this..
Got out the graph paper and worked out what to do. 
Cut some fabric...
Got sewing..
Starting to take shape...
Cute hey.....
If it wasn't for the time spent on the graph I probably would have got it finished.  Baby sitting day tomorrow and out for the next couple of days so hopefully it will be finished early next week..


  1. Just as well YOU are a talented lady...& could work out something. Well done!
    I think it will be a WiNNeR for sure as it's just soooo cute from what I could see. xox

  2. Such a cute little quilt - you've done well to nut it out, but how bad is that so many kits have something missing from them

  3. What a pain about the missing fabrics & unworkable kits!
    You've done well Keryn to work out how to make the best of it, regardless... intrepid you!!

  4. Hi Keryn gee it's enough to turn you off buying kits,lucky you are clever and could work them out,boy if it was me I would be stuck,lol. enough your grandies tomorrow my friend xx

  5. Looking good Keryn. Have fun with the grandies. Hugs,xx

  6. it's looking good... well done... now you design ... or redesign quilts.... you will manage the bag too...

  7. That was difficult not having patterns and the right fabric in the kits! Love the Snoopy fabric in your current project!

  8. It is so frustrating to have this happens. Good use of your skills in the end to make it work.