Tuesday, 30 June 2015


This is my view tonight..
I'm binding another quilt.
The mess in the background is because the new pup thought he might like to read the paper.
I think he's sorry...

Monday, 29 June 2015


It's always soooo exciting to get a quilt back from the quilter, except then you have to bind it.
I hate binding! 
It is mind numbing, hurts your fingers, makes your hand ache and just goes on and on forever.
I would happily trade skills I have (cooking, cleaning, babysitting, gardening and lot's more) if some sweet soul would come in and do a little binding for me.
I would tuck you up on the couch, with a blankie by the fire, make you a cuppa, your choice, have fresh made muffins for you, get you some slippers, put the telly or the radio on for you, some lollies in case you get the munchies, look after the kids and pick some flowers for you and in return I just need a few metres of binding done. 
Any takers just let me know.
But while I'm waiting it took a while but the Christmas quilt is done.
It may have sat in a dark cold cupboard for close to 12 years but it is now finally finished.

Friday, 26 June 2015


There were whisper going around this morning that some people (no names) were talking of mutiny and a coup on the FHFS and were going to fly the remains of yesterdays sewing disaster up the flag pole as a symbol of the revolution.
I heard there was a leader....and a first mate (don't you worry buddy I won't throw you under the bus) and rumblings from another ( we all thought seriously how can something so simple be such a pain in the you know what)....
So with Pistol and Boo backing me up..I mean the Coup Leader...it was agreed one more go..
So I am happy to say Tah Dah....
For me it is done and I am reasonably happy just need to wrap and post.
Now Pistol and Boo I am here for you all they way.
You tell me where and when you are taking on the head honchos and I'll be there right behind you....if I'm not feel free to start without me!!

Thursday, 25 June 2015


When I commit to a swap I take my commitment very seriously and try to do the best I can.
Sometimes I really struggle because I'm not good at a set project, especially if it's something that I don't really love (like EPP ahhhhhhhhhhh).  So I was pleased when the first swap for our FHFS swap was done and dusted and moved on to the next.  A ruler cover, okay this one was a little harder to get my head around but today was the day I focused, knuckled down and off I went.
So I measured, cut, sewed, ironed, quilted sewed some more and then after a couple of hours the moment of truth came, wasn't to bad needed a little fluffing up to make it special and then wouldn't it rot your socks - the ruler didn't fit!! 
Seriously it didn't fit.
I squished, squeezed, poked, pulled, eased but no matter how I tried it was about 1/2" too small.
Where is that tape measure...............
Okay so it's true "measure twice cut once".
So I had a vision of how I could fix it, I would cut it down and make a smaller one....
I must have gone to bed a quilter and woke up a putz because in my effort to "fix" it I made the second one to small.  So know I have this...
A pile of mess on the floor. 
So tomorrow I will try again.  If it doesn't work I have a Santa on stand by and if my partner squints really hard it kind of looks like a ruler cover.
Oh and for those who were wondering Roger the Ram finally turned the corner today and is on the mend and....
I think the new pup has settled in...what do you think?

Friday, 19 June 2015


It has been a week that has seen me spending more time at the Vet's or with a Vet than anywhere else.
We have animals, quite a few of them and we are firm believers that if you have them you look after them well, give them the best life you can and love them to bits!!
Our new pup - well he has settled right on in..

I know an angel right?  Well looks can be deceiving..
There is not a piece of wood or boot that he hasn't had a chew on, two balls deflated and I am missing 3 socks.  Lucky obedience school is on again tomorrow.
Our beautiful old dog has been very unwell and has spent the best part of the week in and out of doggie hospital.  Home now resting.
Just when I thought I was done at the Vet Roger the Ram became very unwell.
The Vet left us with this...
Now last time we had to inject the sheep hubby missed the sheep and got me - at least I won't get pulpy kidney!
So I did them injecting this time...48 hours later thankfully Roger is looking a little better.  Not out of the woods yet but hopefully he will continue to improve.
I am hoping for a Vet free weekend so I can get the binding on this..
It is just sitting there calling my name...

Monday, 15 June 2015


Working like a trooper I am to make a dent in my cupboard.
Today I got "Happy Mail" when one of my quilts came back from the quilter...
And to make the day even better my favourite magazine was in the newsagent...
I have to go, want to cut the binding for my quilt to show you how great it is..

Thursday, 11 June 2015


I am a reasonable sewer. 
I have been doing it most of my adult life. 
 I did piece work for many years and that is a tough way to make a living, you have to be super quick or you starve.
I have been doing patchwork for a long time and made many, many flying geese, half square triangles, churn dash and on and on.
So why for the life of me do I keep messing this really simple star up?

I had to make six, only six and I think I unpicked and resewed them about 15 times (no joke) and last night I had them finished, today went to iron them and one was not right - really..
Now flannel does not liked to be unpicked and really doesn't like to be unpicked a number of times.
So eventually they were finished, a little worse for wear and took way longer than they should have and then I layed them out and wasn't happy with them so I'm not going to use them!!!
Sometimes I think I will give up quilting and take up macramé..
Well finally it is together..
A really simple pattern that should have taken way less to put together than it did.
Tomorrow I hope to pin and start the quilting.
Wish me luck..

Sunday, 7 June 2015


With the weather turning windy and cold today it was a good day to stay in and work on my flannel quilt.
I have the bottom done and this arvo and tonight I plonked down in front of the open fire to work on the top row with the appliqued snowman.
And their buddy..
I did some of the blanket stitch on the machine but the noses are in a thick wool so I am doing those by hand and using beautiful Valdani thread and some from Sue Spargo.
Should have it finished to show tomorrow.

Friday, 5 June 2015


I'm still trying to work my way through that overstocked cupboard I have.
Three quilts finished in three weeks (insert smug smile), another one which I work on by hand in front of the telly at night well on the way. So today it was time to look back into the cupboard and see if there was another that was calling my name.
Look a whole bundle of snuggly flannels which have been there for a VERY long time..
Here we go cut, cut, cutting..
Doesn't take long to make a mess..
The pattern calls for a snowman or two..
Let's see if I can get it finished this long weekend..

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Cheryl, Shez, Barb and Ann came to stay and play for the weekend (if you want to see photos go to Shez's blog - she has lot's lol)..
It was Cheryl's party and they were told not to bring anything - but they didn't listen!!
Shez spoil us with..

Thank you Barb for a beautiful new scarf and some treats...

And sneaky Cheryl left a parcel of loveliness for me....naughty girl it was your weekend but I do love my fabric and button..
Now there is a nasty rumour going around that there were also a couple of bags of chocolate covered bullets from her special lolly shop (which I LOVE) but I haven't seen them - really I haven't...
Thanks your a wonderful weekend..

Monday, 1 June 2015


What a weekend. 
Cheryl and Mick came to celebrate Cheryl's special birthday.  Along the way they picked up SHez. 
The also found Barb and Ann.
We ate, laughed, sewed and ate a little more.
If I was a good blogger I would have picture after picture to share, but yep not one photo.
Now in my defence I was busy trying to be a good hostess (actually I was busy drinking coffee and eating - yep a lot of eating).
But if you pop over to Shez she is always good to rely on for a photo!!
Oh you want to see what they made...
Who's a pretty boy?
It was a wonderful weekend and so nice to share it with lovely people.
Happy Birthday Cheryl
Love K and your deer..