Thursday, 25 June 2015


When I commit to a swap I take my commitment very seriously and try to do the best I can.
Sometimes I really struggle because I'm not good at a set project, especially if it's something that I don't really love (like EPP ahhhhhhhhhhh).  So I was pleased when the first swap for our FHFS swap was done and dusted and moved on to the next.  A ruler cover, okay this one was a little harder to get my head around but today was the day I focused, knuckled down and off I went.
So I measured, cut, sewed, ironed, quilted sewed some more and then after a couple of hours the moment of truth came, wasn't to bad needed a little fluffing up to make it special and then wouldn't it rot your socks - the ruler didn't fit!! 
Seriously it didn't fit.
I squished, squeezed, poked, pulled, eased but no matter how I tried it was about 1/2" too small.
Where is that tape measure...............
Okay so it's true "measure twice cut once".
So I had a vision of how I could fix it, I would cut it down and make a smaller one....
I must have gone to bed a quilter and woke up a putz because in my effort to "fix" it I made the second one to small.  So know I have this...
A pile of mess on the floor. 
So tomorrow I will try again.  If it doesn't work I have a Santa on stand by and if my partner squints really hard it kind of looks like a ruler cover.
Oh and for those who were wondering Roger the Ram finally turned the corner today and is on the mend and....
I think the new pup has settled in...what do you think?


  1. Oh dear, Keryn! Hopefully you'll get it figured out soon. I got a great start on my ruler holder today. This one has been a bit of a challenge, don't you think?

  2. Oh my ,your poor thing,I hate days like that when nothing goes right,fingers crossed for you for tomorrow,lol,yes maybe if you squint a reindeer might look like a ruler cover,lol,sleep well my friend xx
    Ps glad Rodger has pulled up okay and yep puppy sure has settled in.xx

  3. Love up your pup... So sweet.
    Not good about your ruler cover. Better luck tomorrow

  4. You crack me up. Seriously there must be some ruler on this earth that will fit in there lol. Otherwise you will be ready to give up. Love that photo of Dusty and glad Roger on the mend. How's my other little mate

  5. If that was would all now be in the bin

  6. I feel for you.... aaarggghhhh.... this swap has been testing for me too... I have done a fair bit of reverse sewing....

  7. Sorry to hear about the a pain when that kind of thing happens!!Good luck for the next try!! Good to hear Roger is better...and that puppy sure looks happy and relaxed!!

  8. Oh no!!! Swear! Swear! Hope it goes better for you tomorrow xx

  9. Ooooohhhhh I bet it was gorgeous....maybe your person could trim their ruler......LOL....I haven't even started yet....better pull my finger out.....xxxxx

  10. Good news on the animal front. It is too cold to have sick animals.
    And as for the ruler cover - Bugger!!