Friday, 17 July 2015


So this is what 6.30am looks like...
Eight degrees - it's almost Summer.
Granny is off to babysit for the day, not sure starting the day ay 6am is my cup of tea.
After Granny duty I thought I might get some binding done since I hadn't done any for a while.
You wouldn't believe it you get all the way to the last corner and you hit a join in the binding grr..
At least tea is ready and the house smells really yummy..
Lamb shanks and mash - nothing better..


  1. Hi Keryn I will be on the road that time tomorrow and it is going to be -2 degs,lol,hope you had fun with the grandies,and those lambs look so yummy,lol we won't tell Mick.xx

  2. That was an early start this week. Especially when it is that warm, not. The things we do for our grandies. Nice change to do some binding lol.

  3. Some binding huh!!! Haven't done that in a while!! Lol!! It is annoying when the join pops up at the corner!! Dinner looks yum!! You are a good granny getting up and out so early!

  4. I hate when that happens... But then one should feel lucky as not everyone on binding corners can accomplish that feat!! Don't ya wonder About fate? 😜😋

  5. Last quilt to bind for a while??? LOL!

  6. Oh it's nearly there... Yummy dinner. See you soon

  7. you have had heaps of binding to get done.... I wish I had read this earlier so I could have ordered my delivery of lamb shanks...

  8. It may be an early start, but isn't it worth it to have fun with gorgeous grand children?