Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I am not a big drinker.  On a VERY special occasion I will have one drink and my choice of drink is..

In a long glass with soda water and some lime.
This morning I was making my porridge and coffee for breakfast and then all I could hear was really loud banging.  I looked out the front...nothing.  So looked out the side...nothing.  Looked into the paddock and I started running..
Holy cow Moo, how did you get that thing stuck on your head?  I mean stuck fast. 
I am new to this cow thing, the most I use to know was if you went to Safeway you could buy it on a tray and take it home for dinner.
I am a little scared of Moo and I like to stay on my side of the fence.  Today I had no choice - in I went.  She was extremely upset and going round and round in circles and the feeder was flying in the air, banging on the ground, into poles and fences so I tried to stay calm and thought maybe I could just lift it off her!!
Okay so not one of my smartest thoughts and I have the bruise on my leg to prove it.
So in nearly 30 years of marriage I have only ever rang hubby at work twice and made him come home, today became number three.
So I worked out if I held the feeder up so it wasn't dragging her head down or banging on the ground she would stay calm and still.  So I held it up off the ground and used my cow whisperer voice and waited for help, boy was I happy to see that car drive down the road.
So the long and short of it is..
Moo no longer has a necklace. 
Yes Fiona I needed the Teena Lady.
 By the time I got back inside I needed a little something to help calm my nerves and I'm sure in a country somewhere a little Vodka on top of your morning porridge is totally acceptable. 


  1. oh my Keryn what a scary and very funny story,the funny bit is learning what you put on your porridge,lol,glad Moo is okay and that your knight in shinning armour came to the rescue,sleep well my friend xx

  2. Nice cow wrangling! I think you earned that vodka on your porridge Lol! Glad it all turned out well for everyone and no one was injured x

  3. holy cow for sure..........sometimes you just wonder how the hell did they do that.............

  4. I bet Moo would have liked a morning swig of Vodka too! LOL!!

  5. OH dear maybe a slug of vodka for moo might have calmed her down too! Glad to hear your knight arrived to rescue you both and everything turned out ok :) Barb.

  6. Oh dear. I agree maybe Moo should've had the vodka too. :) Glad everything worked out ok. Hugs,xx

  7. Oh dear, life in the country! Glad all worked out in the end, Keryn.

  8. Pirate one day... Jillaroo the next.... you have mighty skills. I would think a bucket would be better than the Teena lady after that!!! glad it all worked out

  9. Haha so funny. Glad the cow wasn't injured

  10. Sor sor sorry, darn it, I am laughing. Poor Moo, poor you. I guess it was not funny at the time, but my I got a laugh out of it.

  11. LOL....oh my ...poor Moo and my poor K do tell a good story ...ROFL....xxxx

  12. My goodness - your animals. Can't work out how she would have got her head in there. Guess we will never know. Glad it had a happy ending and you didn't end up too battered and bruised

  13. I think you did well keeping in solely on the porridge. Quite a tale to start the morning...
    Hope Moo is calm now and doesn't plan anything as an encore... Xox

  14. After that sort of a start to the day I am surprised that there is anything at all left in the bottle. Not the sort of thing you want to deal with on a regular basis!