Thursday, 23 July 2015


I had a lovely day today.
The beautiful Jo from ButterZ emailed me to say she was coming over to this side of the city and going to Pakenham.  Now I haven't been there for about 15 years but I know where it is..just up the road a little.  So we arranged to meet for lunch.  Boy did I get a shock when I got there, it use to be a tiny town with one main street now it's HUGE.  Jo rang me to see where I was, I had no idea it had changed so much.  She stayed on the phone and guided me into town and we went to a café and had a lovely lunch and a good old chat.
On my way home I had to get fuel so I had no idea where the petrol station was so I just went down the first road I could find and just kept going.  Found the station got the fuel back out on the highway and driving along, see a sign and yep I'm going the wrong way. Get back on track go home the back way using the short cut hubby told me about and yep I'm lost.  I did get home eventually but it was via the scenic route.
I think Jo might have got home before I did!
I finally finished the quilt for my grandson,
Just a panel and some squares..
Hanging on his cot ready for him tomorrow..
Makes his room nice and bright.
Well off for a cuppa after my big drive.
Thanks for your company today Jo it was such a treat.


  1. Glad you made it home safely after such a lovely day out. Soooo cute! Love your GS quilt x

  2. How nice you got to spend some time with Jo,oh my that's something I always do is take the scenic route,lol. Your GSs quilt looks so cute,have fun babysitting tomorrow and enjoy your cuppa my friend xx

  3. It was a lovely day for a drive.. Lucky you didn't run out of fuel... I had a quick drive home. Only 1 hr 45 and then back to 9 degrees. Glad you enjoyed your day.... I made 2 more dishcloths after a nap....
    Have fun tomorrow

  4. Unplanned trips usually are the best!

  5. How lovely to catch up with Jo. The quilt for your GS is gorgeous.

  6. sounds like you had a lovely day out. Beautiful quilt. Hugs,xx

  7. so now we have driving skills in common too! wow... love your grandie's happy quilt....

  8. Good to hear you got home safely after meeting up with Jo. Love the quilt you have made for your grandson.

  9. Good to hear you got home safely after meeting up with Jo. Love the quilt you have made for your grandson.

  10. Well it sounds like Mick's scenic drives - taking the long way lol. don't tell him I said that. But sounds like a lovely day with Jo and your little grandson's quilt is so very cute

  11. No wonder we get on so well,,,LOL .... Loving the quilt xxxxxx