Monday, 31 August 2015


Yep today that was me.
After a difficult day yesterday our new dog decided that last night he had found his voice and he barked for pretty much most of the night, no matter how many times we got up to him.  So when my feet hit the floor this morning I had a crinkled brow and felt like a bear and no matter how hard I tried nothing was right.  The porridge was too lumpy, the coffee was cold, there was no dog food (not that he deserved any) and why is it when you feel like that everyone just wants to poke you.
So I tried to find my happy..I really did.
For six months I have been saving to buy a new cupboard for my sewing room so I got the jar down today to see if I was nearly there...close enough.  Off I went to the shop with my little envelope.  Looked at it again for about the 100th time and yep it was going to be mine.  Go to pay and the girl says I will check stock.  Okay I think to myself I might have to wait a few weeks I can live with that..have waitied 6 months few more weeks won't matter.  Small delay she says they will be here maybe January but definitely February.  Before I can even speak she says so we will need payment in full today and we will let you know when it's in.  I thanked her for her time and turned to leave (I wasn't keen on outlaying my money and then waiting 6 months) I had fallen out of love with the cupboard.  I am half way out the shop and she says at the top of her voice you obviously don't know how business is done now days no one keeps stock on hand that's so old fashioned.....grrrrrrrrr....just keep walking I said to myself..
Now my happy was really missing.
Maybe I needed food so I go in search of something healthy..maybe some fruit.
I found some happy..

Sunday, 30 August 2015


Today as just been awful..
If you don't like sad animal stories best you leave now..
We bought a sheep called Honey about a year ago.  I bought her sight unseen and when the man brought her to us I was so Angry.  She was this poor unbelievable skinny sad little thing, when he went to get her off the trailer I nearly said no I couldn't believe someone could treat their animals so badly.  But I took her and looked after her and a year later she was looking real good and was due to have her babies in a couple of weeks.  Today she was in a smaller paddock and for some reason got spooked and took off running straight into the fence and broke her neck.  It has been a really sad awful day.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015




Come along for a day of fun, food and sewing.
This is a make and take class and everyone will go home with their Santa finished ready for the start of their Christmas display.
This workshop is suitable for sewers of all levels.
What's included...
Morning Tea
Full Santa Kit


9.30am till 3pm


If you would like to be part of this fun day please email me on

Monday, 24 August 2015


I did join in on Friday night with Wendy from Sugarlane Designs but the wheels fell off the bus when it came to blogging about it.  I had a traumatic Sunday but I will tell you about that in a minute.

Friday I picked up my Bunny Hill quilt, it only took two weeks to put it together but the hand stitching is taking me forever.  I struggle with the hand sewing so I just keep looking at it and moving the quilt from one spot on the table to another I think I secretly hope someone will come in over night and finish it.  I am going to knuckle down this week and try and get some done


So Sunday.  Get up the sun is shining (yep what a shock), the birds were singing, no wind, no rain - a perfect day.  Hubby says good morning, have your brekkie we need to do the sheep today.  So I break out into a little sweat..this is never a good day.  Remember last time I got the pulpy kidney injection and not the sheep.

We decide to get mums and babies into the yard and leave the rest for a minute.  Roger the Ram is particularly angry at the moment so no point poking the bear until we need too.

So far so good.  Now we have to vaccinate them, worm them, do their tails, the little boys bits, put in an ear tag and give them a pedicure. How hard can it be everyone likes a pedicure right?  What always amazes me is how strong a sheep is, how high they can jump when they are scared, why they always manage to stand on your little toe and your shin seems to be fair game.  So I won't bore you with the details but see the large steel gate well that managed to end up smacking me fair and square on the head ..and just in case you were wondering..they didn't enjoy the pedicure.  The day ended with me feeling very poorly, maybe it was too much sunshine but I think it was more like Post Traumatic Sheep Syndrome!

At least there was a little happy from the garden.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


I went on a trip and bought some springs and for a while have been wondering what I could do with them...
Then one night it came to me....
Meet The Nodders..
Do you think they are cute?
I hope so I have some that are looking for a home
If you click onto the SHOP button at the top of the header you will be able to see all The Nodders,
there is a Santa, a Snowman, a Deer and an Elf.
Now if you think you might like to make one of your own I will be holding a one day workshop so you can make and take your very own Nodder home with you.  I should have all the details ready in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Two of the babies are doing really well.
Blossom is a wonderful mother and doing a great job.
Daisy not so good..
Her babies are even sneaking in and having a little drink off Blossom until she realises they don't belong to her.
I keep watching them and wondering if we should step in and do something or just let nature run it's course.
My Bunny Hill quilt came to an abrupt halt.
I got distracted.
When I was away on a trip I purchased some of these..
I keep looking at them and wondering what I could do with them.
Then I had an idea.
Will show you tomorrow.  Just doing the photos..

Friday, 14 August 2015


Hubby and I had to go interstate this week for a night.  We bundled up and headed for the airport.  When we left it was about 8 degrees.
Stepped off the plane on the Gold Coast - 24 degrees!!
Sun was shining, birds were singing, sky was picture perfect blue.
I hadn't been to Queensland for about 18 years and it really is beautiful and the weather wonderful no wonder people move there for the Winter,
This was the outlook from our room..
And when we woke the next morning these little fellows were waiting to greet us..
We went for a walk and hubby was wondering if I would by this for him for his birthday..
Yeah no worries I have a spare $3.1 million dollars that I'm not using at the minute (really who has that sort of money to spend on a boat) and there were lot's of them for sale one was $8 million.  
The day we had to come home there was a slight breeze and a little cloudy and a mere 22 degrees and everyone saying how cold it was and putting on jumpers.
We got home to this..
Pouring rain, 10 degrees and a little more mud.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Poor Daisy really had the waddles up yesterday - she was enormous.
But through the night..
Yep she had twins.  So we have had two sets of twins in a row...Go Roger the Ram!!
Mother and babies well.
What a great way to start a day.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Someone must have snuck into my sewing room when I wasn't looking because when I walked in today there was mess everywhere..
From the table to the floor there was stuff everywhere.  I think it was time for a little tidy up.
In no time at all it was ship shape and shiny and ready to start a little something.
I was home alone for the day and yes there was washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning that needed doing but instead I just plonked myself down in that little room and sewed, sewed, sewed...a happy day indeed.
I had to get up every hour and check on Daisy (that's exercise isn't it) who is due to have her baby any day.  She ended her day waddling back into the house yard.  Maybe tomorrow Daisy.
Hope your weekend saw you doing something to make you happy.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Beautiful Blossom..
First there was one...
And then there were two.

Twins - what a girl!
I don't ever think I will get tired of watching lambs being born..
Bitterly cold today...hope they will be okay tonight.  If hubby would let me I would bring them in by the fire.

Monday, 3 August 2015


This last week has bought heavy rain quickly and everywhere I look all I see is mud..
It is so slippery and sticky I just know at some stage I will end up flat on my face in it..
Then we had a man come to dig a drain for us and he broke the main water pipe that comes up from the dam..
Oh good more mud..
And if this little girl doesn't get on and have her baby her belly will be dragging on the ground..
Today has been beyond cold and miserable..