Friday, 11 September 2015


Don't you love it when you can pick flowers from your garden.
I picked these to go on the table on Wednesday when three very special people came and had lunch with me.  It really was a wonderful day with a little eating and lot's of talking...
I had a birthday recently and yesterday I got a parcel in the mail (don't you just love a parcel)..
It was from the beautiful Shez..
The card is just stunning and the photo doesn't do it justice..
One of her people towel and tea towel sets.  This one has the Chamomile Tea label on it, isn't that the calming tea..maybe she is trying to tell me something lol..
Also beautiful thread and a really cute thread holder.  Thanks Shez it was incredibly thoughtful of you to put such a beautiful parcel together for me.
There really is nothing more precious than good friends..


  1. Oh my dear friend you are very welcome , I enjoyed putting this parcel together for you xx

  2. A very happy belated birthday Keryn. How lovely is your special parcel. Beautiful blooms from your garden too xx

  3. Lovely gifts from Shez and very special.
    So lovely to see your gorgeous flowers.

  4. Gorgeous flowers. Lovely gift from Shez. Hugs, xx

  5. Shez is very clever at making up these gorgeous, useful sets. enjoy your pressies

  6. Happy Birthday, hope you had a wonderful time

  7. Keryn you sneaky girl! Not telling us about your birthday until after the fact!
    Your gifts from Shez are so lovely... I hope you've enjoyed your birthday & all your gifts