Monday, 21 September 2015


What a wonderful weekend.  I held my first Christmas workshop and I think I had more fun than the girls did.
Beautiful Jo from Butter Z came and stayed Friday night and I really did have a Friday Night sewing with a Friend!
Saturday was workshop day.
Jo, Mel, Annie and Lorraine came.
I made them a little prezzie..
Inside were a couple of little treats for them.
I put them to work and by the end of the day..
Tah dah they had a Nodder to go home with them.
Here is Jo, Mel and Annie (Lorraine doesn't like having here photo taken I can't imagine that lol).
What a great photo.
Now I didn't let them go hungry but I did forget to take photos of the food, actually I forgot to take any photos so Jo kindly shared with me.
If you would like to see some other photos pop over to Mel's blog (The house on the side of the hill)
she has done a lovely post.
Thanks for coming girls I had a really wonderful weekend.
Since it went so well I hope to start having a few more workshops, so if you are interested let me know and you can come on down for a day on the farm.
I also have some Nodders for sale so pop over to the shop page and have a look if you are interested.
Well I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and do a little gardening.
Have a wonderful day.


  1. Good morning Keryn,I am so glad you are doing workshops,you are such a wonderful teacher and a very clever lady and not to forget your cooking skills either.
    I know the girls had a fantastic time and I can't wait till my next visit to the farm,that is if Jo isn't in my bed,lol .
    Enjoy your day in the garden my friend,it is freezing here and raining xx

  2. oh I am so jealous that I am turning green LOL! What a fantastic day you gave the girls Keryn xx

  3. Haha Shez. Keryn it was 9 deg here today. Freezing.
    Well done. You did an amazing job...

  4. Looks perfect ... so jealous of the girls 💚💚

  5. Boo hoo - they are tears of sadness for missing out on this gorgeous day. You certainly spoilt the girls with not only a wonderful class, scrumptious food but also that beautiful goodie bag. All I can say is I had better be able to get to the next one.

  6. It looks like you had a good time. The nodders are adorable. I love the jingle bell bag. What pattern did you use for the bag?

  7. I did see all the great photos on the ladies blogs.. Lucky girls...

  8. The nodders look great. My GS is fascinated by the one i bought. Always makes a beeline for it when he's here. Hugs,xx

  9. These look so wonderful Keryn. Love the way they turned out. I think I have a couple of people who are interested in having a day with you. Happy to make some plans.

  10. what a lovely weekend and such great nodders made..

  11. I know the girls had a fabulous time with you, Keryn. Mel has already told me I'm to come to the next one with her!